First Day Of School For My Little Girl

This is it. The moment I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading all at the same time. The day where I have to let go just a bit and trust that other people will keep my little girl safe. First day of school.

I’ve been quietly tearing all day as Bill and I prepare for the inevitable. We did some last minute shopping and picked out a few cute outfits for her and got her a pair of new shoes. Her schoolbag is packed with all her supplies and I added a note for her to find in her lunchbox which will hopefully make her smile. She can’t read yet so I have to get creative.

Natalie is very excited… and I mean very excited. And I’m here clenching my teeth working on a migraine.

I’m sad. I’m happy. I’m scared. I’m proud. I’m worried. I’m elated.

As a parent you always want a break during your day. The chaos can be so maddening and we can all recognize that. But now that my break is finally here I want it to go away and I want to spend my days cooking with Natalie and taking her to the park. All those afternoons are now gone. I suppose there is always the summer and the weekends… it’s not that bad. IĀ  just have to shake it off.

One of the things that Natalie is most excited about is learning to read. She can’t WAIT to read to Liam. It’s her number one mission. The day that starts to happen is the day I start doing shots of vodka at night. Be warned. šŸ™‚

How did you handle the first day of school?

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  1. I feel for you! I am so scared when the time comes to send my little man off to Pre-K. šŸ™

    That note you left for Natalie is so sweet! You’re a wonderful mama!

    Posted 9.7.10
  2. kaylee wrote:

    awww – that’s so sweet. i’m 6 mos pregnant with my first child and that post just made me sob…haha. hope i remember to cherish every crazy minute when they arrive!

    Posted 9.7.10
  3. Christina wrote:

    BIG Hugs! I know how you feel. I sent my youngest off to Kindergarten 2 weeks ago and it broke my heart and made me so proud at the same time. I thought it would be easier with #2 but it was just as hard if not harded. Hang in there 3:00 will be here soon.

    Posted 9.7.10
  4. Sherry wrote:

    Awww, I can just imagine the two of them curled up reading together. She is such a sweet big sister. šŸ™‚

    My baby (who just graduated high school rofl) was (is) the shyest person you’ll ever meet and I truly thought she’d cling to me and cry on that first day of school because she was TERRIFIED. But she literally just gave me one of her tiny waves and little smiles and walked off with the class…. I bawled my head off when I got in the parking lot.

    I still get teary when I think about it. At the time I think I was more stressed about the stares because I was so young – I had her 5 days after I turned 18. So, I might have been the youngest mom but I had the most well behaved kid. haha

    LOVE that you put a note in there for her. Do it while you can. My 7th grader said he wouldn’t be too happy if I did that to him. He’s no fun. LOL

    Posted 9.7.10
  5. Laura wrote:

    Aww, it’s so hard, isn’t it? I cried when my daughter started preschool…and then when she started primary school. She started her 3rd year of school yesterday, and I STILL cried. I cry at sports days, I cry at school plays. Sorry to say, but I don’t think it gets easier! Why do they have to grow up so fast?! I wish I could slow down the time.

    Posted 9.7.10
  6. Lacretia wrote:

    Good luck Natalie! It will be ok Vera.

    Posted 9.7.10
  7. KissKiss wrote:

    It’s always seems to be much easier for the kids than for their parents.

    You’ll be fine Vera šŸ™‚

    Posted 9.7.10
  8. Leslie wrote:

    Vera, she will always remember this day!! I’m 43 and still remember how nervous I was…my mom sewed a special pinafore and did my hair “real fancy”, lol. I recall standing waiting for the bus with my blue/red nap time mat. Wow, does time fly!

    I hope you did well today, Vera..let us know how Natalie did at school. I bet she had a blast.

    Posted 9.7.10
  9. Sally wrote:

    how did you choose her school and kindergarten?

    Posted 9.8.10
  10. Lori wrote:

    ahh today I put my littel girl and her big backpack on the bus to her first day of JK. I was strong in front of her, thank God, but after putting her on and hoping she wasn’t too scared and found a seat, I totally broke down. Mu husband laughed at me, but I had to follow the bus, just this once to make sure she was ok getting off the bus. I was a bit relieved to see she got off with her bag on, walking beside another little girl a bit older than her. I can’t believe she is old enough for school. It hurt my heart to think of how scared she may have felt getting on the bus and seeing all those strange eyes staring at her. I guess we will find out tonight when she gets off the bus, just how well that first day went!

    Posted 9.14.10

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