ENTER TO WIN: ShopKeeper Coupon Organizer by TOPS Products

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I hope you saw my recent video about the ShopKeeper Coupon Organizer by TOPS Products. If not, please check it out. It really is a great product. I love using it each week for both my CVS runs and my food (or grocery for some people) shopping trips. It’s a bit of a game changer in that they really have though of everything you need to finally get down to some organized saving magic.  With this by your side, you will never miss a chance to save because you will maximize your savings with the least amount of work. Streamline your coupon organization right out of the box! Just snap it, book it, shop it. How can you beat that?

If you can’t quite picture it, here are some points that I think may help.

You get 2 sides of organization power!

Sorting Side:

  • 8 envelopes with customizable, printable labels
  • Create labels at easycoversandmore.com
  • Color-coded labels for the sorting side
  • Folds out flat for coupon sorting into categories
  • Built-in list pad for coupon notes/lists (obviously)
  • Shop aisle-by-aisle

Store Side:

  • 4 Pockets for store circulars with plain white labels
  • Customize labels at easycoversandmore.com
  • 4 Take-along coupon envelopes for your purse or quick run-in trips
  • A more portable way to shop
  • The zip pocket holds any supplies you might want to keep at hand (e.g. scissors, calculator) or any loyalty cards, post-checkout coupons or other savings stuff you’d want to keep

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For even more, check out this informational video here:

So you really want it now. I know, I get it. If so, just click here to pick it up!

I actually love TOPS Products’ ShopKeeper Coupon Organizer so much, I would love to be able to share it with someone. So, one (1) lucky Lady and the Blog reader will receive their very own organizer so you can step up your couponing game as well!!

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  1. Karl wrote:

    I would love a new organizer for my coupons.

    Posted 10.14.13
  2. Elizabeth Hanson wrote:

    I would use this to stock my refrigerator, freezer and cabinets. Supplies have been sparse for a while.

    Posted 10.15.13
  3. Shannon Baas wrote:

    i’d use this to keep my coupons organized.

    Posted 10.15.13
  4. McKim wrote:

    Not sure where the gift card comes in, but I could use one to put towards new glasses.

    Posted 10.15.13
  5. Patty wrote:

    I need this for my couponing…need to get organized and remotivated again.

    Posted 10.15.13
  6. Kathy Luman wrote:

    I didn’t see anything about a Gift Card but I would use the organizer to help keep my coupons organized.

    Posted 10.15.13
  7. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) wrote:

    i would use this to keep my coupons organized

    Posted 10.15.13
  8. Lesley m wrote:

    I have just started to get into couponing and have been trying to figure out a way to keep them organized, so this would be perfect!

    Posted 10.15.13
  9. marian boll wrote:

    I love being organized and this would surely help

    Posted 10.15.13
  10. Sonya wrote:

    Not sure about a gift card, but my coupons are stuffed in an envelope and being forgotten about. I’d love to get organized!

    Posted 10.16.13
  11. Debbie Bray wrote:

    I would use it to keep my coupons more organized

    Posted 10.16.13
  12. deana c wrote:

    I would use the organizer to organize my coupons which are currently organized by individual envelopes.

    Posted 10.16.13
  13. Tara L wrote:

    I would deff. give this to my pop pop he is always looking to be organized and this would be an extra help

    Posted 10.16.13
  14. Claire McKeon wrote:

    I need help! The shoebox is not working. This would be great!

    Posted 10.16.13
  15. Robin Wilson wrote:

    I would gift this to my son’s girlfriend. She just got her own place and has entered the couponing arena!

    Posted 10.16.13
  16. Francine Anchondo wrote:

    Keep my coupons organized

    Posted 10.16.13
  17. heather baker wrote:

    I didn’t see a gift card but I would use one on holiday gifts. I definitely need a binder for organization of my coupons

    Posted 10.16.13
  18. Nancy wrote:

    This would help me be better organized!

    Posted 10.16.13
  19. Natalie wrote:

    I would use it to help me find my coupons so that I actually use them!

    Posted 10.16.13
  20. Shannon wrote:

    I am wondering if the gift card part was a typo. But if I had one, I’d put it toward stuff for the holidays. And if I had the coupon organizer, I’d use it to help keep my coupons organized.

    Posted 10.16.13
  21. Carla S wrote:

    I would use this for my own coupons because my binder is falling apart.

    Posted 10.16.13
  22. Heather DeLuna wrote:

    I would give this to my mom because she is a coupon queen and at the moment just uses an envelope to store them in.

    Posted 10.16.13
  23. julie murphy wrote:

    I would stock up on groceries for winter.

    Posted 10.17.13
  24. Shani F. wrote:

    I would use this to help me stay organized when shopping.

    Posted 10.17.13
  25. Maria B wrote:

    Organize when I go shopping and buy some gifts

    Posted 10.17.13
  26. Angela Cash wrote:

    I am currently using a small accordion folder for my coupons. I could be so much more organized and spent less time in the store shuffling through my coupons if I had a fantastic binder like this.

    Posted 10.17.13
  27. Katie Bellamy wrote:

    I need this so bad for my coupons! I’m so unorganized!

    Posted 10.17.13
  28. Jennifer Reed wrote:

    I would use the TOPS Products’ ShopKeeper Coupon Organizer to start saving money at the grocery store. I just was noticing today that I am over budget on my groceries again this month.
    reejen at comcast dot net

    Posted 10.18.13
  29. Heather! wrote:

    Does this prize come with a gift card? I guess I’d use it for groceries!

    Posted 10.18.13
  30. JJ Caraway wrote:

    I am not sure how to answer question about gift card but if there is one I would purchase groceries with it. I love the coupon organizer and I would love to win this to help me get and stay organized for grocery shopping. This would help me save money.

    Posted 10.18.13
  31. Susan Smith wrote:

    I would use it for groceries.

    Posted 10.18.13
  32. Karen Johnson wrote:

    I would use it to organize all of my coupons! They are getting out of hand!

    Posted 10.18.13
  33. Julia Cosgrove wrote:

    i would use it towards christmas.

    Posted 10.18.13
  34. Kelly wrote:

    I would use it to keep all my coupons organized.

    Posted 10.18.13
  35. Julia Cosgrove wrote:

    i would use for christmas.

    Posted 10.18.13
  36. Annemarie Z. wrote:

    I would use it to keep my coupons organized!

    Posted 10.19.13
  37. Megan Parsons wrote:

    I would love to have one of these. My current coupon holder is a disaster!

    Posted 10.19.13
  38. Pearl wrote:

    This coupon organizer would make my shopping so easy!

    Posted 10.19.13
  39. melina r wrote:

    I would use this to get organized and stock up my fridge and freezer with food.

    Posted 10.19.13
  40. Samantha wrote:

    I’m not sure about the gift card part, but I would use this to organize my coupons since my dollar store organizer is just not good!

    Posted 10.19.13
  41. Denise S wrote:

    I’d keep better track of my coupons with it.

    Posted 10.19.13
  42. tiffany wrote:

    I would get the coupon organizer. I need a bigger one!!

    Posted 10.19.13
  43. Rebecca Lock wrote:

    With a gift card, I would buy groceries. I would use the organizer for my big stock up shopping trips.

    Posted 10.19.13
  44. Crystal Sell wrote:

    I need this to help organize my coupons!
    sellcrystal2 at yahoo dot com

    Posted 10.19.13
  45. susan smoaks wrote:

    i would use the gift card to shop for some household items that we need.

    Posted 10.20.13
  46. tina reynolds wrote:

    I would use too keep my coupons straight currently using plain old enveloped and it becomes a mess

    Posted 10.20.13
  47. Denise Dunn wrote:

    I would use it for groceries!

    Posted 10.20.13
  48. liz wrote:

    Become more organized for saving

    Posted 10.20.13
  49. dorothy wrote:

    I would buy some extra baking products

    Posted 10.20.13
  50. Alicia wrote:

    I would use it for my coupons.

    Posted 10.20.13
  51. cheryl s wrote:

    definitely to keep me more organized

    Posted 10.20.13
  52. laurie wrote:

    I would use for couponing

    Posted 10.20.13
  53. I think you have the q from a diff giveaway, if I won a gc I’d use it to stock up on great deals. For the coupon organizer- I need to save $$$ any way I can.

    Posted 10.20.13

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