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Be Prepared This Holiday Season With Duracell And Toys R Us (Plus $100 Giveaway)

What could be worse than having your kids going crazy about opening some amazing gifts and…dum, dum, duh…not having batteries to get them working? Not very many, I would say. For your sanity and for the sanity of your beloved children, I think it’s very wise to always have enough batteries on hand, just in case. Our house […] Makes Finding Deals So Easy For Couponers, Bargain Hunters, and Organized People (Plus $100 Gift Card Giveaway)

Sure, the weekly store circulars are full of great deals on things you actually want, but who has the time to scour them all and find the deals and coupons? This is 2014, people, the internet has to have something to make this process a little bit easier, no? Well, I’ve found a wonderful new site […]