Deodorant For Your Clothes And More! Tide And Downy Release Brand New Lines For 2015

Downy Fresh Protect and Tide Pods Plus Febreze

Before I even GET INTO this event, I have to tell you what’s happening with me lately. I am literally catching myself smelling my laundry again. I mean – deep smelling clothing after taking it out of my closet and off its hanger.

This is exactly how it goes down –

  • I smell something magical and take a deep whiff.
  • I think for a moment that my husband made a mistake – that he overdid it at the washing machine because the item just smells SO GOOOOODDDD.
  • I remember that we started using new detergent and softener this past week.
  • I smell the item of clothing again with a big smile on my face.

That is LITERALLY how it happens – over and over again. This thought train – of course – lasts for about 3 seconds. But, it happens nevertheless. THAT’S how good my clothes smell. I can’t help but get a huge inhale in before I put anything on. I cannot get over it.

But it’s not just about the scent – there is new technology in place with both Downy and Tide’s new product lines and THIS is what I want to write about here today.

I recently attended the P&G Fabric Care event in NYC with about 100 writers spanning multiple publications. We had the chance to – first hand – smell, touch and feel clothing treated with Downy Fresh Protect and Tide Pods Plus Febreze.

Downy Fresh Protect and Tide Pods Plus Febreze

Before the hands on experiments began, we had the pleasure of enjoying a fashion show. Take a look at some of these designs — all washable fashion mind you! That’s right!! You can take any of these looks and pop them right in your washing machine.

Downy Fresh Protect and Tide Pods Plus Febreze

It’s one thing to do laundry (hello – welcome to my world) and it’s another to study the impact that washing has on fine fabrics. After the fashion show, the P&G team showed the group exactly how Tide and Downy stacked up to competitors.

You know your favorite dress? Well, after 10 washes, a competitor’s detergent can not only add a grey filter to its original shine, but it can also take away from the elasticity and shape!! I never thought about this!! Tide and Downy work together to make sure your fabric fibers are PROTECTED while they are being CLEANED. Think about that. Big Ah-Ha moment for me.

Downy Fresh Protect and Tide Pods Plus Febreze

Downy introduced a new Botanical Mist scent to their Downy Infusions line. The smell is fantastic. ¬†This isn’t the type of smell that goes away once you grab everything out of the dryer. Thanks to renewing Scent Pearls, you will enjoy fresh bursts of fragrance throughout your day. As your clothing moves, the pearls will breakdown and continue to provide additional smells.

Downy Fresh Protect

I took home a sample of Downy Fresh Protect and have been using it ever since! Think deodorant for your clothes. This product has 24 hours worth of odor protection that will help you smelling fresh all day long.

Neutralize — Odor Block — Mask Scent

I’m not sure you are getting this¬†— not only will Downy Fresh Protect make you smell good… but it will protect you from bad odors as well. So, consider this for your activewear (and your husband’s too!!). There are two different scents available right now – Active Fresh and Fresh Blossom. Amazing!

This product is in ADDITION to your favorite Downy fabric softener by the way. It doesn’t replace it.

Tide Pods with Febreze

And then one of the products that LITERALLY use on a daily basis is Tide Pods plus Febreze. What a difference the Febreze makes! Wowzas! Think stain removal, convenience of a detergent pack, and amazing (long-lasting) freshness.

Tide Pods with Febreze comes in Botanical Rain and its scent was created by combining jasmine, rose, and freesia. Did I mention this product provides 24 hours of freshness? Come on!!!

Tide Pods with Febreze

Check out the three chambers — each holding their own ingredients. That freshness capsule really does work. I’m not kidding. The proof is clear to me. I can literally smell the difference.

I hope you check out these products when you find them on shelves. They hit stores February 2015… so you don’t have much more to wait.

*company sent sample for review.

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