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Daily Diary: Mr. Go With The Flow


There really is something to be said about third babies. I mean… Caleb gets thrown around town and lugged along as we try to keep a schedule for Natalie and Liam. Does he have his own nursery classes or music meet-ups? No. Did Natalie at his age? Absolutely! But the more kids you have, the harder your schedule is to manage, right?

I think all the chaos has tempered Caleb into being a go-with-the-flow kinda guy. He is so easy! We can take him anywhere / anytime and it’s OK. I love it!

We went to a family party over the weekend and we forgot all his toys. He was the only baby there and you know what? He did just fine. Everyone was commenting about how happy and easy going he was. I jokingly commented it was because I was constantly feeding him snacks.

Luckily, his cousins had a few old Legos which kept him entertained once the main meal was served and the adults got down to business. But even if those toys weren’t available, I am sure he would have played with plastic cups or something. I’m not so sure my other two would have done the same.

Third baby syndrome. Gotta love it.

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