5 Beauty Hacks To Help You Get Ready For Summer #BleachtoBarewithJolen #GoConfidently

It just officially started to feel like spring in the Northeast and I’m already thinking about summer. Yes – that’s how it goes! 🙂 I wanted to share a few beauty hacks that I do every year to prep for those bathing suit months because before you know it, they will be upon us!

1. Bleach Unwanted Hair… Anywhere!

With Jolen Creme Bleach you can take care of hair on any part of your body. This one great formula minimizes unwanted hair on your body – whether it be on your face, your legs or your arms I have been using Jolen Creme Bleach since High School and still do to this day! Usually, every summer, I bleach the hair on my arms and hands. It’s been a great way for me to feel comfortable while showing off some skin during the warmer months without having to think about my thick, dark hair. Jolen Creme Bleach comes in an original formula as well as a sensitive formula with Aloe Vera, which is ideal for use on sensitive, more delicate skin. And are you ready for this? You will see results in just 10 minutes and they will last up to four weeks!

Want to hear of another creative way to use this bleach? Many women worldwide use Jolen Creme Bleach to lighten eyebrows to match a new hair color and to streak their hair to keep a sun-kissed look. Available in stores nationwide, including CVS, Harmon, Rite Aid, ULTA, Walgreens and Walmart, as well as online.

2. Remove Unwanted Hair:

If you have unwanted facial hair, there’s a way you can gently remove it and all in under 8 minutes. The Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit quickly, gently, and effectively removes unwanted hair on the upper lip, chin, and cheeks in just three easy steps. And guess what? It’s perfect for all hair types! And if you are looking for pre- and post-skin protection, this Hair Removal Cream and Cleanse system has it:

  • The Skin Guarding Balm is used before hair removal to condition and protect skin, preventing irritation and redness. This balm can also be used after hair removal and cleansing to moisturize and smooth skin.
  • The Hair Removal Cream quickly, gently and effectively removes unwanted hair on the upper lip, chin and cheeks.
  • The Cleanse & Soothe Wipes wipe away cream and hair while soothing and conditioning the skin. These wipes eliminate the need to ruin washcloths or fuss with messy tissues or cotton balls.

The new Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit is available in select stores like ULTA and online at Walgreens.com and drugstore.com for the suggested retail price of $11.99. To learn more about the new Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit, visit jolenbeauty.com

3. Time For A Pedicure:

I love boots more than any other person on the planet, but don’t start wearing flip flops until you are ready to start wearing flip flops. Get a pedicure and ask for the callus removal. It costs a little extra and it tickles a bit but it’s worth every last red cent. I try to get these done every two weeks but I end up realistically going every three weeks because of the kids. Keep up with the treatment at home by using oils or lotions. Do not skip a day.

4. Exfoliate:

Be sure to exfoliate your entire body. I’m talking about your face and your arms and your legs and your… you get the point. Keep product on hand at all times and get into the routine. Dead skin cells need to come off to make way for newer, fresher skin. Build up can leave your skin looking dull and clog pores. A proper routine can fix many common beauty issues including acne and bring back shine and freshness to any face.

5. Moisturize and Moisturize Often:

When you take away (exfoliate), you must give back (moisturize).

Morning and night — moisturize thoroughly. If you have children, get them in on the process as well. Teach them this habit early on and make sure that they grow up learning to take care of themselves. My mother never moisturized and it was really hard for me to learn to do it as an adult. I have to keep reminding myself that my children need this seed planted NOW.

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“This is a sponsored, product-provided conversation that contains affiliate links. I received the Jolen™ products and Under Armour® Headband for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.”

This is a sponsored, product-provided conversation written by me on behalf of Jolen. The opinions and text are all mine.

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