Daily Diary: When He’s Sick He’s So Lovable

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My third child is a mover and a shaker. He won’t slow down. Actually, he CAN’T slow down because there are two older siblings running far ahead and Caleb needs to keep up! Because of this, it’s hard to get cuddle time with him when we are on the go. Caleb wants to kick the ball right alongside Natalie and Liam. He’s no interested in my lap or my arms. Please! How boring!

But when he’s a little sick and out of energy… my little angel wants nothing more than to be on top of me all day long. And I love it. Now, let me get something straight. I don’t want to see Caleb sick. I want him healthy and racing around with my other kids. However, the snuggle time we’ve shared this week has been simply scrumptious! We’ve cuddled in bed and on the couch. We’ve read books and played iPad games. We’ve watched Thomas the Train on repeat and built a million different Lego creations – together.

It was exactly what I needed before my China trip this Sunday. I needed him in my arms for as many hours as I could handle before I leave. It’s going to be the longest time that I will be separated from my family – ever. A true test. So, I’m filling my love meter right up and remembering these moments because they are everything.

I’m hoping they are all doing the same.

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