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Creating A New Office Space: Removed My Formal Living Room From The House

Well, I finally did it. I removed every piece of furniture from my formal living room and am spending the next few weeks slowly converting the space into what I so desperately need it to be — a functioning office.  

chic office space

It was hard to part with tradition. A lot of the old timers that come to visit my house cannot understand how I removed my leather couches and all the accessories. But you and I both know that we just don’t live that way anymore.

A room that the children aren’t really allowed to use? A room where they can’t run free and relax and spill all over? It’s just not a reality at this stage in my life. So, I killed it.

The formal dining room is next… but one thing at a time. She knows she’s on borrowed time though. Her table legs shake every time I walk by. LOL!

Creating A New Office Space: Removed My Formal Living Room From The House

Anyway, I have SO MUCH MORE TO DO – but here is where I stand right now. The room is VERY WIDE. I am only showing you half of it because the other half is not ready to be seen. This will be my section.

I still have to add a ton of artwork to the walls and pops of color to the bookcase, but I like my beginning. As you can see, I definitely wanted to incorporate gold and lots of it.

chic office space

Most of the pieces you see are from Ikea, Target or Home Goods. When the office is completely done, I will do a full write-up with links. Stay tuned!! I’m trying my hardest to do this on a budget because we don’t want to break the bank but I still want to really enjoy the space while I am in there.

chic office space

And yes, this sign is on my desk and it is for real and I love it and it is staying and that’s that. End of point.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.20.32 AM

Looking at my heels, this is what I hope to do to that corner. I want to put a piece of furniture alongside the wall for storage and have a round conference table in front of it.

To continue with the concept of COLOR POPS, I need to find a kick a** chair – something super BOLD. I really would LOVE to find a BRIGHT PINK chair and I’m willing to spend $$ on it. I’ve been all over the web searching for it too. The hunt continues!!!

So, that’s where I am! What do you think so far? I’m having a lot of fun. Honestly – really enjoying myself. Can’t wait to show you the next steps!!

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