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Shelving Ideas For Your Living Room

Looking for shelving ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place. My husband and I are currently redoing our living room. In fact, we’ve completely revamped the entire look and feel of the space.

I mean – it’s night and day. Don’t believe me? Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see what the room looked like last month. A COMPLETE MAKEOVER to say the LEAST. YEOW!

The running joke is that I have a decorating addiction. I love to paint. In 2017, we painted my living room 9 times. NINE TIMES. That is not an exaggeration. My husband almost left me. But this is the LAST TIME – I promise. I got it right, folks! I got it right. 

Shelving Ideas For Your Living Room

I still have to add some extra layers to the main wall in my living room, but I wanted to show you what we started with and what we have so far.

My Living Room Design Thought Process

Here’s my thought process. In the last iteration of our living room – Living Room 8.6 – I had SO MANY PICTURES AND SHELVES and DRAWINGS and CHAOS. It was filled. It was messy. It was tight and made me dizzy.

At first, when I designed the wall, I wanted to fill the room up with our memories. I wanted to walk in and immediately feel like I was surrounded by my children and our love. I had great intentions. I really did.

I wanted my friends and neighbors to enter our house and get the sensation that we were a family that lived a life of love. Great memories – captured throughout the years. It all worked out in my head.

On paper… it was a different thing. In reality, seeing it all together every single day probably caused my migraines. Utter madness. My living room had purple curtains and a red couch with white stripes plus a green wall. What the heck?

I couldn’t stand it after a while. I knew I needed a change – again. But this time, I wanted something much more neutral.

Shelving Ideas For Your Living Room

And so, we opted for a neutral base as our paint color. I didn’t want WHITE paint – which I did at the beginning of 2016 when my living room was actually my office.

YES, I AM CRAZY and constantly change my rooms and their function. I wanted a softer color, but a lighter color nevertheless. So, we searched and found the right shade of eggshell and I am very happy with my choice.

Choosing The Right Wall Accessories For Your Living Room

In an attempt to ensure that I don’t go overboard while accessory hoarding, I decided to purchase 4-foot shelving from Pottery Barn. I really wanted 5 or 6-foot shelving, but I was afraid that it might be too heavy for our walls and chickened out. Rookie mistake.

If you are asking my opinion if you should go big or go home… I am going to suggest that you go BIG. I love the shelves that I chose, but I wish that they were a tad bit longer!

My friend is a designer and she told me that I would want the bigger shelves! I should have listened to her. The ones that I bought actually COME IN FIVE FEET! I didn’t want to have to return them and ship them and all that jazz. So, I kept my four-footers and let it all go.

I knew it wouldn’t matter in a few days, but I want you to think about it before you commit.

Mixing Metal And Wood

Mixing metal and wood in living room

Mixing metal and wood in living room

There are three different elements that I brought into the room that work with my shelving ideas:

  • Nature
  • Wood
  • Metal

I decided that no matter what – I would keep to this theme. Anything that I decorate with will fall under these categories. My natural undertones would be accentuated with dark metals, wood frames, and fake plants because Lord knows I will kill the real ones. Even the photos I brought in had wood-like colors. Brown and beige and neutrals all throughout.

Ok, a little gold too. What? I can’t help it.

Shelving Ideas For Your Living Room – The Video

If you want to see a video of the before and after – we filmed Bill putting everything up. You can see the bare walls come to life with such a small addition. I really love how much of a difference these shelves made to my living room. All the accessories are linked here (minus the NYC/LI prints). two shelves above a beige couchend table next to couch

What do you think of the natural living room feel we are trying to accomplish? We still have a lot to do in this space. We need a rug, new curtains, and a few more frames for the main wall.

I cannot wait until our main hub is complete. The shelving certainly made a huge difference in our living room! Feels much warmer now that we have some personality back in the space.

The Before:

Here’s a picture of what my room looked like before we did the makeover. Like I said – FULL of LIFE. 🙂

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Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting

Wednesday 24th of October 2018


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