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The Best Things To Buy On Wish – Surprising Deals You Do Not Want To Miss

We’ve broken down the best things to buy on Wish so you don’t have to spend time combing through their seemingly unlimited supply of goods. Here you will find our top picks as well as a few shopping tips to help you navigate’s virtual shopping flea market.

best things to buy on Wish

In case you haven’t heard, Wish is one of those shopping apps that lets users buy millions of items at crazy, often at lower prices, you cannot find from any other online retailer. You can get just about anything you can imagine on this app (or their online store) but that doesn’t mean you should get everything. Do you really need these cheap products?

The best deals on Wish are the ones you purchase after looking at all the Wish reviews, price matched on Amazon, read the fine print, and are okay with the shipping times.

Surprising Deals You Do Not Want To Miss

Wish is an online marketplace that gives you the power to buy from vendors anywhere in the world, though this often means China, Indonesia, and elsewhere in Asia. I have found many, many items that are being shipped from American companies though. You just have to look for them. These vendors cut out the middleman and the idea is that they offer those savings to the consumer. But you have to be careful to look out for shipping charges that sneak in at the end of every purchase because they add up.

In order to browse the app or their online site to search for best things to buy on Wish, you have to make an account. You do not have to add credit card information before you buy something though. Once you are in, it can be overwhelming to look at the sheer amount of items that pop up.

reviews on wish app

Everything seems like it’s a good idea. However, it is imperative that you read the item’s description carefully – especially the positive reviews and the negative reviews. The photos of the Wish products can be very misleading. Is Wish legit? That’s a great question.

Here’s a rule of thumb – you have to scan the reviews of each product and look for photos uploaded by previous buyers. If it isn’t legit, buyers will tell you! You can have a good experience if you take the time to find quality products and comb through for the incredible deals that actually are on the site. The only way to do that is to take your time and find great value products … without getting fooled by knockoff products and inaccurate product descriptions.

Wish is a real company. And the companies who sell their products on Wish are real companies. The sellers are located all over the world so shipping will take longer, sizing will be different, and the product quality may be cheaper. If you are OK with those things, then you can get some killer deals. Just stay informed.

What are the best things to buy on wish?

what did you buy on wish

Having said all of that, you can have a lot of fun on this site. I do… all the time. I just don’t want you to go on here thinking it’s the best thing since sliced bread and then you buy a bread slicer and it breaks after four uses. Catch my drift. I’m a shopper! I love the site. I use it all the time, but I know what it is. Cheap items available for cheap prices. I read the customer reviews and I make my decisions from there. But I’m drawn to the crazy low prices I always find on Wish and it’s one of the main reasons why I keep going back, looking for cheap goods. It’s the best way for me to scratch that itch I have to find unique and silly things online.

I think the best things to buy on Wish depend on where you are in your shopping cycle. Are you currently gardening? Then odds are you will find a ton of great deals that you can incorporate into your backyard escape.

Are you bored and looking for something crazy to bring home to show off to your friends and family? WELL! Do I have a website for YOU! How about organizing? Are you in that mode? There are plenty of little trinkets that can help in that department.

wish purchases

But please remember – nothing is name brand. Everything is … not the highest quality, and you will get what you pay for. I look at WISH like a a stepped up virtual Dollar Store. My expectation level is the same for quality and longevity.

But here what I am saying… I LOVE the Dollar Store. I got at least once a week. Anyway, here is a recent order I just placed (ahem TODAY) and as you can see… I am in my gardening/ patio mode.

wish app shopping

Is there anything on Wish worth buying?

Is there anything worth buying on Wish? Yes, definitely. There are awesome deals to be had!

For most people, quirky, cute, fun items, like clothing, gadgets, and household gear are all things to buy on Wish. Trendy items that you don’t expect to use more than a few times are also great buys. Just make sure you read the reviews.

If you are buying clothing, pay special attention to the section in the review that gives a cumulative score as to if buyers thought the product was “too small”, “too big” or “just right”. Be sure to do the calculations from kilograms to pounds, centimeters to inches and liters to gallons.  

5 Items To Buy on Wish Right Now

After combing through the Wish app, we determined that the following products are the best things to buy on Wish right now. Leave a comment and let us know what you think about our picks!

best deals on wish app

King Size Down Comforter, $22

This wrinkle-free, down alternative comforter is perfect as an insert in a duvet. It is verified by Wish shoppers, ships from the United States, and is one of the products on the site that offers expedited shipping (for an additional fee). 

cheap finds on wish

Fabric Raised Garden Bed, $9

Purchased! Get your garden on. This breathable, circular container allows you to plant items when you don’t have the space or soil to plant them directly in the ground. The 4 ½ stars is a great rating on Wish.

cheap sunglasses on wish

Retro Sunglasses, $4

Purchased!! I couldn’t help it. For just $4, I love to stock up on cheap, oversized sunglasses. I don’t worry about cases and usually just throw my shades right in my purse – one in every bag. These will be perfect for the rest of 2020.

free items on wish app

Stainless steel mesh strainer, Free* (Shipping is $4)

For all those times when you need to strain noodles from steaming hot water or chicken wings from popping oil, this strainer could be the ticket for you. 

strange things sold on

Toilet Night Light and UV Sterilizer, $3

This may be the most unusual thing you ever buy but if you have ever thought it would be useful to have your toilet light up, this is for you. It also helps to sterilize the toilet and releases aromatherapy too. The item does need 3  AAA batteries that aren’t included.  I’m sorry – It had to be included on this best things to buy on Wish list!!

why are things so cheap on wish

Why are things so cheap on Wish?

A lot of people wonder about why things are so cheap on Wish. Many people may think these deals are too good to be real. That isn’t really the case, if you do your homework. Often times the shipping fee is inflated to cover part of the cost of the product. It can often be more than the product itself.

You can find items marked down 90% on Wish because they are knock off versions of cheaper quality. These products often take 2 to 4 weeks to be delivered since they are coming from overseas, so you pay less for that “inconvenience”.

Keep in mind though that the main reason things are so cheap on Wish is because the products are of low quality. The material and stitching will not be high end. 

buying electronics on wish

Is it safe to buy electronics from wish?

It is safe to buy electronics from Wish? IF you do your due diligence. Read reviews. Look at buyer’s photos. Read all the fine print. Price match the item on Amazon to make sure it actually is a good deal. I’ve heard people have good luck with things like flash drives or Bluetooth devices.

The truth is that many of the electronics you buy at US stores (or on Amazon) come from China, so perhaps there won’t be much difference (except for the price).

Does wish sell fake products?

Wish does not allow counterfeit items to be sold on Wish. While I have seen knock-off items, they are pretty obviously not the name brand ones. Again, read the reviews to assure yourself. Products sold on Wish should not directly mimic another brand’s intellectual property. As with buying anything online though, buyer beware. 

shopping for deals on the wish app

Get Up To 50% Off By Using My Wish Code

Use coupon code mnctjjg on your Wish order and receive up to 50% off your first purchase. I just received an email confirmation from the above purchase and that’s what the website told me. Might as well pass it along! That way you can start to work on your own best things to buy on Wish list.

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