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Wish Haul: I Bought The Best Thing EVER

It’s time to share my latest Wish Haul with you, guys because I am DYING. I’ve been having a lot of fun checking out all the amazing and “too good to be true” deals on Wish as of late. Truth be told… most of the deals ARE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. LOL! The things I receive are mostly low quality and typically offer up nothing more than a laugh or two for me and the kids. But NOT TODAY!

Wish Haul: I Bought The Best Thing EVER

Today, I hit the Wish Haul JACKPOT, folks. THE MONEY POT! I finally bought something that I will actually USE. In fact, there are TWO amazing products in this haul that I am UBER excited about. Wait until you see. Can you guess which products I love the most?? OMGICANNOT!!

I don’t want to tell you because I want you to guess. How are we going to do this? UGH. Ok… don’t read the next paragraph until you are ready.

Wish Haul Warning

Wish Haul Top Picks

Ready for my picks? See those sunglasses? A dollar. ONE DOLLAR. Uno. If I bought those anywhere else, they would have been at least $14, right? I’m talking about places like Target – not designer BRANDS or anything. One BUCK. Give me twenty.

Next up – cleaning slippers. A DOLLAR. My kids are fighting over them. They are wearing them and then putting on dance shows. My floors are shining these days. SHINING! I need to get 5 pairs. I want everyone to just come over and put them on. I’m going to create a little welcome basket and have people put them on when they visit and then everyone will just multitask as I entertain. Are you kidding me?

Yes, you have to pay shipping. I know it’s not actually one dollar. I have to include all costs into the final bill, but it’s still sooooo CHEAP.

Check it out! I am not working with them!! This is not a pitch. This is just straight up magic.

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