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An Easy Way To Get Holiday Ready This Season

The holidays are coming! Ok, seriously – some would even argue that they are actually HERE. As soon as Halloween ends, we roll right into all the festivities and I absolutely love it. Around every candy cane corner, odds are you’ll find families and friends gathering for holiday cards photos and impromptu selfies. I mean… if we don’t capture the moment, did it even happen? Here’s the deal though… are we ready for all of that documentation? I mean, there are a LOT of 4K cameras rolling around town and I’m not so sure my teeth are ready for that kind of exposure. Not social media exposure… I’m talking about the REAL DEAL! These are the photos that we will cherish for years and years and years – let’s make the best of it all this season!!

Back in the day, our smiles didn’t really matter so much, right? Photos were off colored and grainy at BEST. We captured moments with the lowest of expectations. Dark lit rooms and closed eyelids – whatever worked! We only had 24 snaps in a roll. There was no going back to make it perfect and somehow we always made it work.

I think I know why. During those times, could you SEE if there were stubbles on your legs? Not really. Did it matter if men had that 5:00 shadow? Probably not… because who could tell? Our expectations were much lower in the 80s and 90s.

But today we like to have a little more fun at home, right? We get dressed up. We work with themes. We keep taking our photos over until we get them just right. And then what do we do? We share them with the world – quite literally!! That’s why it’s time to start taking your holiday photos a bit more seriously. Thanks to Braun and Oral-B at, you can now save money and look your best for holiday photo season with ease.

Head on over to today to check out some of these great Braun and Oral-B products and purchase them for LESS:

  • Braun Fem Epilator SE-5280 – Save up to $37 on with rollback pricing, mail-in rebate, and instant rebate using code BRAUN4020. And be eligible for free shipping!
  • Braun Styler Beard Trimmer 3020—Save up to $15 on with rollback pricing and a mail-in rebate, plus be eligible for free shipping.
  • Oral-B 1000 (white and black)—Save up to $25 on with rollback pricing and a mail-in rebate, plus be eligible for free shipping.

One bargain after the next! I mean – a deal + mail in rebate + free shipping? Did Santa come early because it sure feels like it!

Adding Braun and Oral-B products to your everyday routine will make all the difference.  Think about it – a bright smile for all of those fun and FAST moments. You know, the ones where your cousin comes behind you and snaps a photo before you even realize what’s going on. LOL! Can’t just be me, right? Men can perfect the shape of their beards without having to worry about rushing to the barber shop before it closes. Trimmers provide such precision these days that maintenance is a breeze!

And women can keep their legs feeling silky smooth for those quick outfit changes in between group shots. My family is infamous for arriving in ugly Christmas sweaters and then being way too hot to last the entire night. We usually end up trading the funny creations for comfy pajamas instead. Whatever works when the people you love are involved, right?

Be sure to visit today to take advantage of these triple treat deals. These are the scores that just keep on giving! I love it. Think about whether or not you’d like to share these great options with those on your gift exchange list. With prices like these, how can you not stock up?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of P&G. The opinions and text are all mine.

Sami Cone

Saturday 10th of November 2018

Always love hearing about a great bargain!

Patty Moliterno

Saturday 10th of November 2018

I need to put an electric razor on my Christmas list. I had one years ago, but never replaced it.

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