3 Reasons To Snowcation In The Poconos & What To Wear To Stay Warm

I spent a weekend in the Poconos on a bit of a snowcation. Read my first post here and read about my time dog sledding here.  So you’ve decided to make peace with the snow and plan a weekend getaway for the family. Here are 5 reasons that the Poconos should top your list. 


3 Reasons To Snowcation In The Poconos & What To Wear To Stay Warm

Affordable Accommodations

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the prices at the Pocono Manor and the cost of the activities. Our room was massive and able to comfortably sleep 5. The rate of this room was $150 for this time of year. If you have a family of 2 adults and 3 small kids, this is the perfect fit. The property is also vast.

dThere are rooms in the main building as well as other buildings around it. There’s also a really cool fire pit outside for getting warm in the snow. I found it when I fell inside of it. Another reason to be thankful for soft snow. There’s also a serene spa with tons of treatments. Be sure to check out the indoor heated pool and the gym.


Horseback Riding

We went horseback riding the day we left and it was such a peaceful activity. The stables are on the Pocono Manor property so it was very easy to get to. We went riding with a guide, Maria, who gave us a short tutorial on how to ride the horses.


There’s nothing quite like riding on a horse and looking around at tons of trees stripped of their green and covered in snow. It was so peaceful and beautiful. At the stables, they also had the friendliest goats, rabbits, and cats, which kids will love.

The pictures below are of the goats munching on my scarf and boots. They were so cute and gentle. The staff was really helpful and patient with us.

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Viewing Snow In A New Light

Anyone that has to pick up a shovel when it snows learns to associate the white stuff with other things rather than complete fun. Even if you live in an apartment in the city, the image of trudging through traffic-muddied snow may come to mind. Come to the Poconos and, just for one weekend, allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of winter.

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I actually welcomed the crisp clean air and the fresh snow in the morning. It was really just so beautiful. We went for walks and had fun losing our feet in the mounds of snow. I would have never imagined having so much fun on a winter vacation.

Important clothing note…..Dressing warmly is a must. Regular winter jackets may need to be upgraded to winter sports outerwear. My Planet Earth jacket got me through the weekend with maximum comfort. My jacket is no longer available on their site but they have many others that fit the bill.

lI was super grateful for its massive hood. I was able to pull it back out of my eyes with the adjustable snap for better viewing and pull it forward when dog sledding. This came in really handy since I didn’t have any eyewear. The faux fur trim captured the snow before it fell on my face. I wore a wool sweater and a tank top underneath and did not feel a bit of cold. It was like armor.

It just blocked all the cold, wind and snow. I felt a swift draft under my arm as soon as I put it on. That’s how I discovered the innovative zippered underarm vents for when it gets too hot under there. I zipped them shut and my armor was complete. I also LOVE the many inner pockets and compartments. This will only hit home to you when you try to carry a cellphone, keys, lip balm and some cash and realize that purses do not work well when on a sled.

How do I know that this jacket was my savior? Let me put it this way. My snow boots and ski gloves were nothing when the wind hit them. Before even mounting the dog sled, my fingertips and toes were in pain from the cold. Note to self…rely on Planet Earth for all cold weather sports. All other brands simply don’t compare. 

The Poconos is the perfect location for a weekend trip out of town. It’s incredibly peaceful and literally a breath of fresh air. Click here to learn more about the Pocono Manor, where we stayed. A special thank you to everyone who helped make this trip possible.

Portions of this trip were complimentary. 


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  1. Tabitha,

    Thank you a million for taking the time to visit with us! With the busy lives that we all balance, I’m very happy that you had a good time, a new experience and the time to just relax and let go of the world for even a few days. Please come back and see us again – summer is coming!

    Warmest regards,

    Posted 1.29.14
  2. LizzyS wrote:

    what a wonderful winter wonderland. Love the Poconos and your photos are great.

    Posted 1.30.14

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