Time Warner Cable Live And On Location: NYC (A MUST VISIT)

I just got home from Time Warner Cable Live and ran to my computer to write this one up because I wanted to be sure to get the word out!! I had so much fun at the Time Warner Cable Studios!! And the party stops on February 1st, so you better get there. Time Warner Cable took over 45,000 square feet in the Meat Packing District (where they found it … I have no idea) and transformed it into a TV fanatic’s DREAM come true (ahem – that’s ME). I’m talking Vikings, Game of Thrones, Sprout, ESPN and MORE… PAH-LEASE! I was practically levitating.

Time Warner Cable Live And On Location: NYC (A MUST VISIT)

Time Warner Cable Live And On Location: NYC (A MUST VISIT)

I had the chance to visit the Time Warner Cable Live experience this morning and took full advantage of each station. My group wasn’t very extroverted… so I basically was chosen to do all the special video shoots. HA! You know I wasn’t complaining. This is not a lie. Every time they brought us to a room, they would ask for a volunteer and my entire group would take ten steps back. Please!! I was looking for hair and makeup and a SAG card.

Time Warner Cable Live Game of Thrones

I Sat On The Famous Game Of Thrones… Throne

Time Warner Cable Live Game of Thrones

Two moments particularly stood out for me from the tour. ONE being the above. Sitting on the ACTUAL THRONE from Game of Thrones. Are you kidding me? It felt right people… It felt reeeeeaaaaallllll good. If there wasn’t a line of tour participants waiting to go next, I might have lingered there for an hour or three…

I also want to note I was probably the biggest fan there and geeked on a 1000% level… but I’m owning it.

Vikings Tour – Playing An Extra At Time Warner Live

Vikings Tour On Set

My other FAVORITE moment is shown in THIS VIDEO — you have to watch it! I crack up every time I do. We were able to get dressed up as Vikings and shoot a scene from the History Channel’s top-rated show. Do you watch Vikings?  I really enjoyed the first season — Bill did too. I JUMPED at the chance to do this. Threw my bag on the floor and ran right to the producer. ME! ME! ME! PS. That shield was hella-heavy.  I’m standing with my friend April from Betty Confidential who was also on the tour with me this AM.

Seriously please watch the video — it is so funny. Or at least I think it is. 🙂

Reserve Your Tickets Today

Reserve Your Tickets Today

Find out more information and reserve your free tickets here!! You do not want to miss out on this opportunity! All the magic disappears on February 1st. I hope TWC thinks about making this a more permanent structure in NYC. We don’t need the throne — everything else can stay. It really was a great event and I KNOW that tourists from all over the world would appreciate being able to walk through the exhibits like I did.

Connect a Million Minds Family Day

One more thing!! On February 1st, Time Warner Cable Studios will host “Connect a Million Minds Family Day”. TWC customers and more than 300 students from the Boys and Girls Clubs in NYC will be invited to tour the studios to see how science, technology, engineering and math all play a part in television. Love this! To find out more information on this initiative, follow the conversation online at Twitter using hashtag #CAMMDAY and #TWCStudios.

Sprout Chica

Oh and SHH — don’t tell my children I met Chica. If they found out they would KILL me! 🙂 We are huge Sprout fans in this house.


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