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How To Make A Cheap Ugly Christmas Sweater With The Kids (VIDEO)

My family has decided to wear ugly Christmas Sweaters to our Christmas Eve celebration. I looked online a bit and found that most ugly Christmas Sweaters ran about $60. For a family of four…. that was completely out of the question.

ugly christmas sweater with kids how to

So, we decided to make our own ugly Christmas Sweaters! We went to the dollar store, spent about $20 and used old shirts from our closets. Liam’s shirt is actually turned inside out. Whatever works! You are only going to wear them once, right?

ugly christmas sweater with kids how to

Take a look at how we made our ugly Christmas Sweaters and let me know what you think.

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  1. I’m loving this! I love ugly Christmas sweaters, I just never thought about making my own. Next year my family is going to have an Ugly Sweater Party and we’ll have an Ugly Sweater Parade in it so everybody can show off their works in all their glory. Thank you so much for the know-how!

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