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14 Reasons Why You Need To Cruise On The Royal Caribbean Anthem Of The Seas

Last week, my mother and I packed our bags and boarded the Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas for a few days. Boy, what a ship! She was absolutely beautiful!

It was my first time cruising with Royal Caribbean, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I have a good friend of mine who LOVES RC and warned me that I would fall in love instantly. Well, she was absolutely correct.


We only had one full day and a half night on board, but I will tell you that I saw so many WONDERFUL things to do with my family. My husband and children would never run out of things to do on this ship. Me neither!

I made a list of my favorite picks to give you an idea of what to expect should you choose to cruise with Royal Caribbean on their newest boat – Anthem of the Seas.

Great Rooms


We shared a room and were happy with the space and the decor. Our deck was lovely and roomie enough for a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon session with a good book.

I really loved the color schemes – felt like the W hotel if that makes any sense. Very chic and urban but still livable.

Royal Caribbean Anthem Of The Seas North Star


IMG_8743 IMG_8756

The North Star brings you over 300 feet into the air for a one-of-a-kind view of the entire ship. How cool is that?! It takes just a few minutes to get all the way to the top. You go in your pod with maybe 8 people or so and there’s plenty of time for all the selfies and photos your little heart desires.

I have to say – this was a super cool way to see the ship! I can only imagine what it looks like at night!!

Bumper Cars

IMG_8649 IMG_8940 IMG_8938

I mean… do I need to say anything else? Bumper Cars! WHAT?! We didn’t have a chance to actually test out the bumper cars because of the limited amount of time on board, but I would be ALL OVER THIS WITH MY KIDS.

I am a true kid at heart and this activity has my name written on it in CAPS. This area also doubles as a roller skating rink. FUN!

Royal Caribbean iFly

IMG_8762 IMG_8882 12191471_10153727046179520_7090418356065565940_n 12143346_10153727046214520_3646071025952262122_n

Ok honestly – this was the coolest thing we did on the ship by FAR. iFly is pretty much indoor sky diving. You are put in a little pod with an instructor and he helps you spread your wings and stay in control. What a ride!

Literally. It was amazing. My mother (who is in her 60s) really enjoyed herself as well. Obsessed! I would try to get on this a few times during a longer cruise. That’s how much I enjoyed it!!

Amazing Ambiance


Every time we stepped into an elevator, we were met by one of these fun photos. You couldn’t help but smile!


Even though there was fun sprinkled throughout the ship, there was also beauty. Royal Caribbean really pays attention to detail. I took about 100 pictures of surprises I found around every corner.

I originally put them in this post, but then it made it too long. Trust me, the boat is beautiful. That’s an entirely new post angle.

Royal Caribbean Anthem Of The Seas Bionic Bar


I need you to understand this because it’s from the ffffuuuuutttttuuuuurrrreeeeee. You order your drink on a tablet. It could either be a pre-made concoction or you can create your very own design. Then you sit back and wait for one of two robot arms to create it for you! Yes! No actual bartenders. Just robots.

It’s a fun show to watch. When your drink is ready, the screen next to the bar will flash your name and all you have to do is swipe your card to have the drink come down to where you can reach it. Seamless!  A must do.

Royal Caribbean Anthem Of The Seas Swimming Options

IMG_8937 IMG_8976

If you watch my video (on top of the post), you will get to see a look at the main pool on the outside deck as well. You have several swimming options on board the Anthem of the Seas.

I didn’t have a chance to swim because I wanted to do so many other things, but a few people dove right in because of the great weather NY is having in November.

And even if the weather isn’t on your side, you could always hit up the indoor pool! How smart!

The Royal Caribbean Anthem Of The Seas Spa


One of my favorite places to visit on board a ship, the spa! Nothing says relaxation than getting a massage while floating on water. BLISS! The Anthem of the Seas spa offered a wide variety of services and had one day passes for those who just wanted to enjoy the amenities.

Rock Climbing And The Xbox Room

IMG_8939 IMG_9042

Yes, I put these two together because I didn’t want 13 reasons. I’m posting this on Friday the 13th and I thought people would read too deeply into the number combo.

Yes, I’m analytical like that. So – this section has two reasons combined into one. The rock climbing wall (HELLO) and an XBox room (WHAT). My children and I would be all over BOTH OF THESE.

I love that you can be active, you can chill, you can be a kid, or you can party like it’s 1999 — all on the same boat. There’s just too much too do!!! Thank goodness, a full cruise gives you 24 hour a day to explore!!

A Variety Of Great RestaurantsIMG_9010 IMG_9014

I took a culinary tour while on this Royal Caribbean cruise and was so delighted to see such a wide array of restaurants to enjoy. I am from New York City and enjoy different types of cuisines. Thank goodness there were options on board this ship! And those options were perfectly decorated.

My mother and I had several meals during our quick stay and I absolutely enjoyed every plate. Sometimes when you cruise, the food can be subpar. But not with Royal Caribbean — pleasantly surprised!! Delicious!

On Board Starbucks


I mean – if you read my blog then you know what this means for me. Thank you, Jesus! 7 days at sea without Starbucks is tough for me. I drink one a day like a vitamin. Well, I can continue to do that thanks to Royal Caribbean!

So Many Areas Made For Relaxation

IMG_9009I wish I had better lighting on this picture, because I don’t think I am doing it justice. There were plenty of places on board to just sit down and relax.

Really well thought out locations to sit and snack, read, nap, or chat. I mean, look at this little pod! Don’t you just want to climb in there and catch some zzzs? I loved it!

You Can Gamble In The Casino


Yes, guys! Yes! A casino. I took this picture for my friends because I’ve gone on two cruises with them and they are all pretty big gamblers and we’ve never had a casino before.

So, they had me sending them photos the entire time as if I was their travel agent. When I got to the casino — I snapped this one. It’s a big deal if you want to just escape for a bit for a little blackjack. LOL

Fun Events



Last but not least, the Royal Caribbean always has something going on! On my boat, I happened to have some special tours to join and a meet and greet with Dancing with the Stars. That won’t be the case on every boat.

They will all be different – but something fun will be happening. I can promise you that! You just have to check your itinerary every day to see what’s new and exciting.



Internet people… yeah you. You will be connected and it will be fast. I’ve taken 5 cruises in the last 2 years and the internet on Royal Caribbean was SUPER FAST. I just did social media and emails. I wasn’t streaming movies or anything – I can’t speak to that kind of download speeds.

But I am telling you, for staying connected with LIFE while at sea, you won’t be disappointed! I was DYING at how fast the internet was. I’m a very anxious person and you know I run an online business.

Well, I was continuously connected – never a moment of an outage  – and it was as fast as my home connection! So, rest easy online friends. You will be able to upload every photo you take during your vacation without losing your mind waiting for it to go through.

So, that’s that! I hope you can tell that I am SO READY to take my family on a Royal Caribbean cruise. If I had that much fun on board with the limited time my mother and I had, imagine what I can do with a full week! Oh my word!

If you are looking to book a vacation at sea with your family, consider the Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas.


*this was a press event. company invited me to attend and cover

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