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10 Things You Don’t Know About The Royal Caribbean CocoCay Island

Have you heard about the Royal Caribbean Cococay Island? It’s recently been renovated and I have to tell you that it blew my sandals off! My son and I recently spent the Perfect Day at Cococay and I cannot wait to show you everything that is waiting for you and your family should you decide to book a cruise with the line. I promise it will be a day you will not forget. 

The Royal Caribbean CocoCay Island

Cococay is literally next-level travel! There is no other way to put it. I didn’t know what to expect when our ship docked. When I walked onto the Royal Caribbean private island, BOYOHBOY was I greeted with such an incredible view! Check out those slides!

This property recently underwent a $250 million transformation and it was worth every penny. Your family will be able to enjoy every inch of this destination. Hopefully, this post will give you an idea of what to expect. It’s a great mix of chills and thrills – which is pretty much Royal Caribbean’s life motto!

aerial view of Bahamas

From plunging down the tallest waterslide in North America and traveling up to 450 feet in the air in the Up, Up and Away helium balloon, to conquering the Caribbean’s largest wave pool, thrill seekers can find plenty of ways to put their courage to the test. Here are 10 things you do NOT want to miss. 

10 Things You Don’t Know About The Royal Caribbean Cococay Island

With Perfect Day at CocoCay, you can add as much or as little excitement as you choose. Let’s kick it off in gear one and start with Chill Island. Not everyone who comes to Royal Carribean CocoCay will want to check out the tallest water slide in North America, right? I’m with you! 

Chill Island Royal Caribbean

Chill Island 

It’s time to kick off those flip flops and grab a lounge chair when you arrive to Chill Island. And before you even ASK, there are SO MANY lounge chairs! Don’t worry about fighting for a spot. I asked the team right away about the ratio and they ensured me that everyone will be able to find a place to relax. 

On Chill Island, the vibe is serenity. No crazy games. No water park thrill seekers. Just you and the calming summer breeze. You will also find the Chill Grill – the largest dining venue on the island along with several shaded picnic tables on the sand. BLISS! 

If you are also in the mood for snorkeling, jet-skiing excursions or on the hunt for a cabana, make your way in this direction.  

kiddie area for toddlers on private island Cococay

The Kiddie Area Is FUN

If you have little children, don’t worry yourself with the super big slides! There is an area developed specifically with you in mind. Small Hands on Deck at Captain Jill’s Galleon and Splashaway Bay will keep your family occupied for hours!

kiddie area for toddlers on private island Cococay

Perfect Day at CocoCay features an array of exciting features for kids of all ages. From three dry slides and 16 water cannons to rope features and a splash pad, Captain Jill’s Galleon is an interactive play structure loaded with swashbuckling thrills. I didn’t have my 6-year-old with me, but I know that he would have just loved this area to pieces!

The Thrill Waterpark Is Insane

Water slides on CocoCay Island

You guys. You guys. You guys. I cannot reiterate this enough. The Royal Caribbean Cococay Island is what it is because of these water slides. They are batty – massive – incredible! My son was in his glory. I found Jesus somewhere between the purple and the green one. I didn’t dare go on the red. I was too scared! 

But you totally should! I mean you MUST! Don’t be like me. Don’t live a life of fear! Be bold. Be fearless. Live your life to the fullest. I wake up in cold sweats at night in full regret that I didn’t do the red slide. WAH! 

At the heart of the Royal Carribean CocoCay Island is Thrill Waterpark. It’s why you woke up that morning. Trust me. This section was built for people looking for some thrills and BOY do they deliver.

With two brag-worthy towers housing 13 waterslides – as well as the Caribbean’s largest wave pool and the Adventure Pool with a family-friendly obstacle course, trust me when I say… you are going to have fun.  

Guests can push their limits on Daredevil’s Tower by enjoying seven exhilarating single-rider waterslides of various heights, including the 135-foot-tall Daredevil’s Peak– the tallest waterslide in North America. As if that wouldn’t be enough, there are also twin Dueling Demons drop slides, launching riders from a vertical position; the Manta Raycers, where friends can race down twin open flume slides; the high-speed, fully vertical Screeching Serpent; and the coiling Green Mamba, a massive aqua tube slide.

I want to tell you something about the drop slides – my son came out shaking from head to toe. The floor literally gives out and you just drop down. You start standing up. He said it was the best thing he’s ever done in his life!!!

Splash Summit

Also in this section is Splash Summit which houses six multi-rider slides, including The Slingshot, a zero-gravity slide for four; The Twister, a winding tube slide for two on a tandem raft; and the four-lane Splash Speedway racing slides. PHEW!!!! I spent most of my time on these slides. They were more up to my speed. 

Everyone Needs A Wave Pool 

wave pool

I cannot tell you how long Liam spent in the Wave pool. HOURS! He was obsessed with it. I’m not sure why, but it was a huge hit. So, get ready for it with your kids.

The great news is the wave pool is right off all of the slides. So, I basically found a chair in between all three focuses and sat there while he ran all around me. 

What a great way to set this area up! He just checked in with me as he hopped from one area to the next. I loved that and you will too.

By the way, the wave pool on the Royal Caribbean Cococay Island is the largest wave pool in the Caribbean. They truly pulled out all the stops! 

Captain Jacks’ Has The Best Chicken Wings OMG

Chicken wings at cococay

Ok, here’s the deal. Captain Jacks’ food and drink are NOT included in your all-inclusive package. So, I have to put that out there FIRST. But now I have to tell you to get over that fact and grab yourself a basket of wings. What a great place to wind down and enjoy great food! 

I grabbed my son a virgin colada and some wings to share and we listened to live music in the shade… and it was everything. We played checkers until I beat him so bad he couldn’t take another round. No mercy. 

At Captain Jack’s, you will also find a few rope swing seats right off the bar. This will make for a great Instagram photo. Yes, I know that’s what you are worried about. 🙂 

For more delicious eats, vacationers can also head to Skipper’s Grill for complimentary lunchtime favorites like salads, sandwiches, tacos, burgers, fresh fruit and desserts. If you don’t want to pay for food – you don’t have to. 

Lounge Tables In The Pool 

bar in pool in Bahamas

The Royal Caribbean Cococay Island has a super FUN area for thirsty guests to enjoy and it’s called the Oasis Lagoon. Do not go here if you want a nap. I repeat – it’s lively! Lots of partying happening and that’s exactly where we headed because we are young and fun, darn it!

The Oasis Lagoon is actually the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean! Whether you are looking to spend time with your family, share a few cocktails with friends or simply sit back under the tropical sun – this is where you should head.  Sunbathers can make their way through three distinct coves, each with a vibe of their own, and swim to the beat of the underwater sound system.

lounge chairs in water by pool

Families with small children can splash through water features and jump right into the excitement at the kid-friendly beach entry. On the south side of Oasis Lagoon, pool-goers can sip a frosty Coco Loco at the expansive swim-up bar, catch some sunrays on one of three swim-up islands with in-water loungers, or treat themselves to total relaxation in a private cabana, complete with its own cabana attendant.

The Royal Caribbean Cococay Island Air Balloon 

hot air balloon ride at Chicken wings at cococay

On Up, Up and Away, you can see a great view of The Royal Caribbean Cococay Island! Literally – like no other! This hot air balloon stays securely tethered to the ground by a cable. Not sure if you needed to hear that or not… but it does.

The signature attraction floats up to 450 feet above The Royal Caribbean Cococay Island, but that doesn’t happen every day. It truly depends on the weather. This excursion is not included. Guests need to book this on the boat ahead of time for an additional fee. 

aerial view of Bahamas

But seriously, check out this view! You get around 10 minutes or so up in the air and it won’t feel like enough. We could have gone up another ten times – the view was breathtaking! 

 Zip Line Across CocoCay

zip lining in the Bahamas

Ok, gang! I didn’t sign up for this because I was a bit afraid, but you could check out the High-Flying Hangout at the Zip Line if you’d like. It’s also available on The Royal Caribbean Cococay Island.  Leave cares on the ground and soar on the 1,600-foot-long zip-line course that crisscrosses the island. How fantastic!

As a reminder, this is also an additional excursion that needs to be booked on board the ship ahead of time for a fee. 

Ice Cream Sandwich Trick

family sharing ice cream together on Royal Caribbean cruise

I didn’t take a picture of this, but the crew told me that the number one favorite treat on the island is an ice cream cookie sandwich. Hundreds of guests make it every single day. All you have to do is grab two chocolate chip cookies while eating at Skipper’s Grill and head right to the ice cream machine. The team will fill your cookies whole instead of a cone. Genius! 

Overwater Cabanas!

beach legs off pool

Fam, the overwater cabanas were not opened when I arrived at The Royal Caribbean Cococay Island but they have a launch date in December. So, mark your books! 

The first overwater cabanas in The Bahamas will offer discerning guests a new level of laidback luxury. Each with its own slide into the ocean, overwater hammock, shower, and dedicated attendant – the exclusive cabanas will have everything vacationers would want for a day of complete indulgence. OMG SIGN ME UP PLEASE SOMEONE ARE YOU LISTENING I NEED THIS CAN YOU HEAR ME COME AND SAVE ME I AM TOO EXCITED FOR PUNCTUATION. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Royal Caribbean Cococay Island

location sign paradise travel

Are There Lockers On The Island?

Yes! Don’t worry about your stuff. You can store it away while you are swimming or riding the slides. The lockers are conveniently positioned all over the island. 

Do People Live On The Royal Caribbean Cococay Island Year Round?

Yes! 357 locals live on the island full time and they manage and care for the facilities. IIsn’t that incredible? I wonder if they ride the slides after the ships leave. LOL 

Pirate Playground on Cococay

Does Royal Caribbean Own The CocoCay Island?

Yes! CocoCay is actually Royal Caribbean’s private island. You cannot access the land unless you get there by using one of the RL ships. That is what makes the experience so exclusive. 

How Much Are The Cabanas On CocoCay?

Groups of up to six can rent a waterpark cabana for $499 to $869, which includes water park admission.

How Much Does It Cost To Enter The WaterPark?

The 13-waterslide Thrill Waterpark costs between $44 and $99 for a full day pass or $39 to $74 for half day pass. This is not included in your Royal Carribean fee. The rest of CocoCay is included in your cruise package. You can use the entire island except for the Thrill Waterpark. 

Royal Caribbean Cruise ship photo with tween

What Is Perfect Day RCCL?

Perfect Day at CocoCay is a private destination exclusively for Royal Caribbean guests, located in the Bahamas. Their theme is chill and thrill – meaning that while you are on the island you will be able to find excitement or absolute peace and relaxation. It’s entirely up to you. You decide how you want to spend your time. 

Pirate Playground on Cococay

How Much Did Royal Caribbean Pay To Renovate CocoCay?

Royal Caribbean recently put in around $250 million to makeover CocoCay! And it shows! Once the renovations were complete, they announced Perfect Day at CocoCay. The overhaul of the 125-acre island is truly something like I’ve never seen before and I am comfortable saying that you will agree.   

aerial view of Bahamas from hot air balloon

Is Royal Caribbean All Inclusive?

Cruising generally is considered an all-inclusive vacation. Accommodations, most meals and a range of onboard entertainment are included in the cruise fare. However, there are so many things you can add on to your vacation. For example, my son and I did an Escape Room while on board. We also upgraded several dining experiences. We went to the Thrill Park. We used the Internet!   These optional add-ons were not included in the price of our cruise. However, you do not need to do any of these things! I did not need to get a Starbucks every single day, but I did. 🙂 

royal Caribbean cruise family

Is food included on Coco Cay?

Food and Drink on CocoCay is included in the cruise price. There are a few bars that fall outside of this parameter – however – like Captain Jack’s. The BBQ is only open from 11:30 – 1:30. So, if you are a late eater, you better figure it out! The shop closes up pretty quickly and there will be no fries to munch on at 2:30 if you wanted to go back for a third plate. LOL!    But fear not! The bar stays open later and does serve limited snacks and drinks. Ahem… did you see those chicken wings I posted above?  

Water slides on CocoCay Island

How Much Is The Zip Line experience?

The 1,600-foot zip at CocoCay will cost between $79 to $139 per ride. Please note! There is a weight restriction on this experience. My friend was denied access because he was too heavy. Call ahead to make sure you will be able to ride.   

How is CocoCay pronounced?

Great question! Cay looks like it should sound like the letter k. However, the locals pronounce it like the word, key.  So, if you want to get technical about it… it should sound like CoCoKEY.   

Royal Caribbean Cruise ship photo with tween

I TRULY hope that you book a trip with Royal Carribean and that the ship takes you to CocoCay. It was the best time EVER!! We had an absolute blast and I know your family will enjoy it as well. I am so thankful that Royal Carribean invited me on board to review their ship and The CocoCay Island. It is a vacation I will not forget. 


10 Things You Don't Know About The Royal Caribbean CocoCay Island

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