14 Days To A New You #ProjectMeAgain: The Ultimate To-Do List To Help You Achieve A Stress Free Life

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I hope I gave you enough time to accomplish your first task on our new journey. I’ve been enjoying several new (old) things in my life and am a happier person because of it. Just last night, I fell asleep in bed doing the Sunday crossword puzzle. I used to LOVE doing crossword puzzles. Am I great at them? Not really — especially the weekend ones! But I enjoy the challenge and that’s all that matters really.

Today, I’m offering up the next step in our Ultimate To-Do List: 14 Days To A New You #ProjectMeAgain

Again, I think this one is pretty easy. I’m starting you off simple. Hooking you in. Making it impossible for you to walk away. There’s going to be a point where you convince yourself that you’ve already mastered half on this list and you might as well complete it! That’s where I want you. 🙂

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What should you start doing today? This advice comes from Lupita Nyong and well… my mother. I was reading a magazine a while ago and they had a quote from Lupita that really stuck with me. It was about dieting and weight loss. That is NOT what this is about. Know that before I continue. Here’s the quote:

“I eat well and drink water even when I don’t feel like it.”

Boom.  She drinks water even when she doesn’t feel like it. Do you know how powerful that was for me to read? It was the most simplest of sentences and it figuratively hit me in the head. I don’t do anything that I don’t want to do. EVER! The shock for me wasn’t really about the weight loss aspect… although – I wouldn’t mind the side effect. It was the fact that someone actually does something that they don’t want to do. All this time, I just assumed that humans were born differently. The people who work out LIKE to work out… and I obviously am not one of them. The people who order water when I go out to eat lunch with them WANT to drink water. Not me! I’ll take an Arnold Palmer please. Calories? Who cares! I most certainly don’t. I didn’t think the people who ordered the water really cared either. I just thought they liked water.

But Lupita’s silly sentence turned my world upside down. I know this sounds crazy – I might actually be on the border of lunatic and institutional. After I read that sentence, my entire life flashed before my eyes. Every meal with every friend that ordered a water instead of a soda or a lemonade. They didn’t want that water. OR maybe they did – but if they didn’t, they ordered it anyway.

I guess I’m too selfish to even think that was possible. And I’m almost 40!

My mother is a water NUT. She drinks about 64 ounces a day. Tries to hit that number on purpose while at work and has been begging me to jump on that crazy train since I was about 13 years old. Of course, I ‘ve been protesting because…WHAT? But after reading Lupita’s quote I can now understand that you just do it. You just do it even thought you don’t want to do it because it’s good for your body.

So, why WATER? Here are some quick benefits:

  • Your complexion will improve. Do you suffer from acne? Dull skin? Dry skin? Water can help with all of these (and it’s free).
  • Digestion problems will lessen. Water helps thing run smoother. Toxins get flushed out quicker. Bloating will reduce.
  • Minimal snacking. When I was younger, I would ask my mother for a snack and she would tell me to have a glass of water. It helps ease the cravings.

Just to talk a bit more about how water relates to weight loss. I have a ton of friends that drink an insane amount of water – one of which dropped about 50 pounds (she was on one of the Perricone diets which mandate that you drink a certain amount of water a day).

Me? I drink tea. I love TEA. I start at 7AM and don’t stop until about 5PM. ONLY THEN do I make the switch and start with water.

“I eat well and drink water even when I don’t feel like it.”

Even when I don’t feel like it. Life. Changing. 

Today’s challenge — start including water in your daily routine. Start with a tall glass in the AM and then have at least 6 glasses throughout the rest of your day. This is besides the teas and the coffees and the juices. It all doesn’t count if it isn’t water. And no, you can’t put fake stuff in the water to make it taste better. (PS – I totally am against all fake stuff and literally don’t care if it’s derived from a plant… or whatever they are trying to sell you — stop using it. I’m not going to go off on a tangent about this because it’s not really about changing that part of your life, is it? This post is just about WATER.)

I told you today’s challenge would be an easy one. And free too!! Woo hoo. I love free. Even though my focus was about hydration, I would love for you to keep this concept with you and apply it to other aspects of your life. For me, I am most certainly going to apply it to fitness. I LOATHE working out. I mean…. literally detest any sort of movement. But now I can actually register than not everyone at the gym genuinely wants to be there. There are some people that HATE it as much as I do and they still force themselves to walk through those doors.

Check back in a few days for the next challenge.

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I would love for you to share your thoughts about #ProjectMeAgain on social media.

Take a picture of your tall glass of water and use the hashtag #ProjectMeAgain on Instagram or Twitter and please tag me – @VeraSweeney.

See you in a few days!!

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