What’s In My Bag: Summer Must Haves For A Woman On The Go #seethelyte

Summer Must-Haves

The North East had a ‘Game of Thrones’ winter this year. I mean… it just never ended. It was relentless. It was painful even!! Most didn’t believe we would ever see the light of day again. But thankfully, summer is upon us and now we all need to get into a different mindset.


This mindset. Ahhhhhhhh


My bag looks a lot different these days. The sun – as wonderfully warm and delicious as it is – can be harmful to our skin and bodies if we are overexposed. So, precautions have to be taken and I pack my beauty bag accordingly. In fact, there’s several items I never leave home without during the warmer months.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Sunscreen – I like to buy travel-sized options because I can leave it in my purse and not have to think about it. That way, if I need a touch up around my nose or shoulders… I always have some on hand.
  • Perfume:  I’ve found some amazing scents through beauty box subscription services that were sent in sample size portions. I have a small jar in my bathroom where I store them all and easily restock my purse when needed.
  • Hair SPF: You didn’t think you needed it, right? But you do! Especially if you are heading to the beach. If I know that I am going to be outside all day, I absolutely spray some protection on my locks. A hat is always best but not everyone feels comfortable wearing one of these all day long. (Here’s a quick beauty tip — if you forget your SPF and hat, you should wet your hair with regular water before jumping into the pool or ocean. This will provide extra protection for your locks from the chlorine or salt. Your hair follicles will already be filled with shower water – the chlorine will have nowhere to go. )
  • Dry Shampoo Sheets: These are magical. I don’t carry the entire box with me. Instead, I take a Ziploc and bring 3 or 4 for the road. You rub your roots with the sheet and they magically get rid of any excess oil. Have frizz? No problem! Just wipe these sheets along your entire strand and they will calm your mane.
  • Sunglasses: A must. For everyone. All summer long. Need I say more?
  • Moisturizer: I obviously wear makeup when I go out but during the summer, I usually stick to powders. If I feel like I’ve sweated off my entire face (hey, it happens), I simply go to the bathroom, pat down with some water, reapply my moisturizer and give myself a fresh layer of coverup. Easy enough. Grab a sample size bottle from any department store counter and refill as needed with your favorite brand at home. PDL-Adult_Box_left_StrawLemon
  • Pedialyte: Not just for kids!! This product is great for everyone in your family. Listen, hydration is key. Hydration is everything! It’s vital for your health, your overall wellbeing and to help maintain a glowing complexion. The summer heat can sneak up of you – especially if you are out having a great time.  You never know when you’ll need to rehydrate. Convenient Pedialyte Powder Packs make it easy to stay prepared while on-the-go. And now there are new flavors that adults will love – strawberry lemonade and orange! Pedialyte for AdultsPedialyte has half the sugar and 2x the sodium of other traditionally recommended drinks (e.g., juice, soda) to promote absorption and helps replenish more of what people lose from dehydration. Did you know that Pedialyte is as effective as an IV in cases of mild to moderate dehydration? Boom. Easy. In my bag. Available and simple. You know that’s how I like it.


What do you carry in your summer bag? What are some items you cannot live without? Would love to know!!Pedialyte Logo

This post was sponsored but all opinions are mine.

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