5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day (sponsored)


Presented by The Bold 2015 Camry | Toyota

Why settle for an ordinary way to celebrate Father’s Day when your dad is anything but ordinary? Show Pops how much you appreciate his uniqueness by doing one (or more!) of these five, extra-thoughtful ideas for him on his special day. 

1. Unleash Your Inner Picasso

Get everyone in the family to grab a pen and paper to draw dad a portrait of him – while their eyes are closed! Maybe your drawing skills haven’t improved much since kindergarten, but including this fun element will add a hilarious, Picasso-like touch to the final product that dad will love. 

2. The Dad Jar

Cut up squares of paper and give one square to each member of the family. Direct everyone to write their favorite thing about dad on their sheet of paper and fold it up. Place each note in a jar and shake! Allow dad to pick through the jar and read each note out loud. After each note, make dad guess who wrote the note for laughs. Bonus points for writing one on behalf of Fido! 

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3. Memory Lane Mixtape 

Whether your dad was into Led Zeppelin or Broadway musicals, make a playlist in honor of all those childhood car rides singing along to his favorite tunes. Play it out loud for dad over dinner at home, and with each song that plays, discuss what memory it jogs for both of you. 

4. Before and After

Re-create an old family photo from your past. Make sure every detail is as accurate as possible, all the way down to your outfit. If you were wearing your favorite scrunchie, find a similar scrunchie. If you are posed cross-legged on the porch of the house, get right back in that exact same spot. Your dad will get a huge kick comparing the old family photo to the modern-day version and seeing how big everyone has grown!

5. Life Lessons

Utilize the slideshow presentations skills you’ve perfected over the years in school and at work to create a slideshow for dad illustrating lessons you’ve learned from him. Make sure that each lesson is accompanied by a relevant family photo and funny graphics for comic effect. Your dad will love seeing all his fatherhood lessons from over the years condensed into the most memorable slideshow presentation of his life. 

This year, Toyota wanted to help make Father’s Day mean something more. Watch the video below to see more. #OneBoldChoice

For more information on Toyota and the bold 2015 Camry, visit: http://www.toyota.com/camry/.

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