What Is Your Summer Manifesto? Here’s My Top 10

Give me a S.

Give me a U.

Give me a M.

Give me a… well, you get the point!

I am so ready for summer!! Seriously – the last few HOT days have left me aching for the full time celebration. I thought I’d make a summer manifesto and I am asking you to do the same. As adults, we all need something to look forward to. Here are the 10 things I am promising myself:

Summer Manifesto Promise #1: BBQ at least twice a week. This isn’t my grill – we don’t have charcoal. So, it’s a lot easier to throw something on and heat it up. There’s nothing like the taste of BBQ food and I am determined to have it AND OFTEN.

Summer Manifesto Promise #2: Have many, many gatherings. I almost want to make it an open house! After all, I have to make use of my number 3.

Summer Manifesto Promise #3: Drink lots and lots of Strawberry Daiquiris! I told you I bought this machine. We’ve already used it a few times and it’s GOOD.

Summer Manifesto Promise #4: Keep up with Tennis

Summer Manifesto Promise #5: Bring back game night. I used to do this with my cousins and with my friends. They’ve both stopped!

Summer Manifesto Promise #6: Eat healthier. I’ve cut out all calories from drinks over the last few weeks *yes even Starbucks* and I’ve lost some weight. Hoping to continue with this.

Summer Manifesto Promise #7: Go to my town pool almost every day of the week. And on Fridays, hopefully we will stay late and eat dinner there. That’s my hope.

Summer Manifesto Promise #8: Get the kids outside as much as possible! Even if it means getting on their bikes and circling our street a few times.

Summer Manifesto Promise #9: Keep reading. I am on a freaking role. I don’t know how many books I’ve read this year -but it’s a lot. I’m sure I will reach 100 by December. I crank right through them with my Kindle.

Summer Manifesto Promise #10: Relax. This one is going to be hard for me. But I’m going to do it. I’m taking some time off. Last year, I took a few months off of being crazy and it was wonderful. I’m hoping to do the same. My intention is to stay local for as long as possible. No matter what I’m missing work wise.

What is your summer manifesto?

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  1. love it! xoxo

    Posted 5.31.12
  2. lizzys wrote:

    that’s what i call a plan – God bless !

    Posted 6.1.12
  3. CUTE!
    For me – I am with you with one addition…. keep running

    Posted 6.1.12

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