Taking My First Golf Lesson This Morning

My town is pretty great with offering activities for its residents. We get a newsletter once and month and it’s filled with fun (cheap) things you can do with your neighbors. Well, last month they were promoting golf lessons with a pro. You aren’t going to believe the price – $15 a lesson!! Give me a break. I am so in!!

Today is my first day. We are heading over in a few minutes and I am giddy with excitement. I will never do a full round of golf… but I at least want an understanding of how to swing the… puck club.

It’s a group lesson and a few of my friends are participating as well.

Do you play golf? Do you do it with your husband? Or with friends? I’m not sure I have a desire to go 18 holes. I mean – that sounds dreadful! But I’ve never tried before so who knows?

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