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Unique Holiday Gift-Brook and York Coordinates Necklace


The holidays are upon us and I can’t wait to delve in to shopping for my friends and family. My list is usually very minimal. I don’t believe in giving token gifts to a ton of people so I choose only my closest few that I will see on the holiday and spend time getting thoughtful gifts for them. This is the only way I enjoy holiday shopping. This year, my gift to my sister is a special something from Brook and York that is sure to become a treasured item in her collection.

Brook and York is a spanking new jewelry line that makes its jewelry in the USA. Local manufacturing means that they get to keep an eye on production and ensure it is to their liking. It also ensures a quick delivery time. My favorite item from their collection that I got for my sister is a necklace with engraving on it. The engraving is the coordinates of her house. This is the first house she bought for her family and she is raising her 2 little girls in it. This house holds so much significance to her life and I’m so excited to see her face when she realizes she can carry a piece of it with her at all times no matter where she moves. A coordinates necklace is a uniquely thoughtful gift that is the perfect gift for that person who has everything.
This holiday season, stay away from the cliched socks or the tacky items that your family will surely forget about on Dec 26th. Get them a gift that’ll touch their heart and become a treasured piece of jewelry. The best part is that it’s perfectly priced below $50. Click here to check it out.


Monday 12th of December 2016

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