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Thinking About Doing A Road Trip To Jekyll Island

There is a CHANCE that I might be heading down to Jekyll Island, GA in April and I have this ITCH to drive it. Nothing is confirmed as I am still in discussion with their chamber of commerce, but I keep thinking about the adventure the kids COULD have on the road. Or am I just crazy?

Bill doesn’t want to drive it AT ALL. He is absolutely AGAINST it and refused to even consider it, but I am silently visualizing us packing up and going. LOL!

I have a lot of friends who road trip with the kids and always come back feeling it wasn’t “that bad”. I’m so torn!!! I KNOW it will be fine going down… but it’s the coming BACK that I think will be dreadful. After a few days of sightseeing, you then have to drive 18-20 hours to get home? That is INSANE – and my husband is not the calmest driver on the road. I end up getting anxiety after an hour or so of hearing him dictate how everyone SHOULD be driving and complaining that they aren’t following his rules…


This is all talk anyway – it might not happen to begin with and then this problem goes away, but maybe you can help me out. DO you take the kids on 18+ hour road trips? ARE YOU CRAZY AFTER IT? Do you enjoy it? Do the kids go NUTS with all the downtime? Do you break it up mid-way and sleep somewhere? WHAT DO YOU DO????


Saturday 19th of March 2011

Vera I was just Googling "Jekyll Island family to do" as we are going July 4th week and found your post. Very excited! I won a trip for 5 nights at the Jekyll Island Club.

OK admittedly we are TOTAL WIMPS and are flying direct from Nashville to Jacksonville, Fla.

I agree with everyone else. As long as you break it up over 2 days and have plenty of movies for the DVD player you are good to go! Coastal Georgia is beautiful!


Thursday 3rd of March 2011

I just love road trips. My kids enjoy hitting the open road. We will usually make some stops on the way so the kids can get out and run around and stretch, but for the most part the kids are fine. I will usually pack tons of snack and books and I carry along my Ipad with me. I work at DISH Network and have their service. I got the TV Everywhere with them and the kids absolutely love it. I can access our DVR and live TV from anywhere we are at. The kids can watch all their favorite shows and it keeps them quiet for hours.


Monday 28th of February 2011

Jekyll Island is great! It's a short trip from here and we go for a family vacay once a year! It's funny you mentioned road trips. For the last couple of years, I have been begging my hubby to take a road trip from Florida to Canada. We have concluded that we ( myself, hubby and our nine year old daughter) would all have a super blast on the way there. It's the drive back, when your tired, aggravated and ready to be home that we are worried about. Let us know how it goes!


Saturday 26th of February 2011

That sounds like a ton of fun! :) We've never been on a vacay with our kids (or alone - so don't think we ditch them or anything lol), but I'd love to do a road trip. I'm trying to put something together for this summer, but mine are a lot older than yours.


Friday 25th of February 2011

And I say DO IT btw!

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