The #HealthiestYouEver Culturelle Community Can Get You Moving!

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I’m going to show you one of the activities that I came across while walking through Culturelle’s #HealthiestYouEver community. I love how if you check in with the website on a regular basis, you are reminded to do great things that all encourage a healthier lifestyle.

GET OUT AND MOVE – From The Culturelle Website 

Exercising outside can help you feel even more revitalized and energetic and less tense and depressed compared with indoor workouts, according to research from the University of Exeter in the UK (don’t worry—indoor exercise does have similar benefits, they may just be amped up when you add fresh air to the equation). Today, we want The Healthiest You Ever to take your exercise routine outside. Do something that gets your heart pumping outdoors: Run, walk, hike, ski, snowshoe, bike, swim, rollerblade…or something else. Can you do it? We know you can! Click here to confirm that you took your workout outside today.


Now, if I am being really honest with you – I don’t exercise THAT much outdoors. It just doesn’t work well with where I live. The best I can do is run. I don’t live near any streams or hiking trails. I live between two malls and an expressway.

So, I do what I can when I can with the space that I have. Barre is one of my favorite classes to take at the gym and I even have some equipment at home that I use (along with some YouTube videos) to help me on those extra busy days.

And listen – when I get the gym it can truly get totally overwhelming. I have been trying to work with a trainer to teach me how to use all the equipment. I am truly clueless when it comes to it all… but I still show up and make the effort! That’s what counts.


But you know what — there are a few things that I enjoy doing outside – tennis being one of them. It’s so great to put in the effort on a perfect summer day. And besides, tennis is a sport that you can play well into your 70s. This is one to learn, folks!


Even if you don’t have a specific sport in mind- the Culturelle #HealthiestYouEver community encourages any type of outdoor activity. So… go exploring. Enjoy. Bring your camera and take some photos of your hometown along the way.

I love these tiny lessons. I love these small reminders. The #HealthiestYouEver community offers these and so much more. Whether you are looking for great recipes, amazing discounts, encouraging notes or information about how you can live a healthier lifestyle, the Culturelle Community has it all. Inspiring to say the least!

Over the last few weeks, my family has tried out new healthy recipes, I’ve enjoyed some great smoothies and thought about new ways to incorporate Culturelle into my daily routine, reminded myself that it’s ok to take a break and relax, and even learned some tools and great takeaways that I will carry with me until my end of days! One minute relaxation techniques? Mama thanks you! With three kids, I’d say this is one of the most important takeaways to date! 🙂

So, chime in. Play along. Start learning. Enjoy the ride. Log in today to the Culturelle #HealthiestYouEver community and see how many great things you will learn thanks to the process they developed.

Although I have been compensated by i-Health, Inc., the makers of Culturelle® Pro-Well™ 3-in-1, the opinions expressed in this blog are independent and not associated with i-Health.

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  1. I love this! Working out doesn’t have to mean sweating in a gym. You can do other things like work in the yard or volunteer helping move things or other physical activities.

    Posted 9.1.16
  2. Looks like so much fun. Will have to look into this!

    Posted 9.1.16
  3. Nicole Etolen wrote:

    Wow, that is something I am looking forward into. I always wanted to include working out in my routine!

    Posted 9.2.16
  4. Kristi wrote:

    We have a big fancy expensive health club near us… but big and fancy means expensive. I like to find solutions I can do at home or just out and about.

    Posted 9.5.16
  5. Every healthy step is important. So glad to see the changes you’re making!

    Posted 9.5.16

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