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“That’s Just How Fast Life Turns. It Turns On A Dime.” Sandra Lee Has Breast Cancer And How This News Shook Me To The Core This Morning

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Yesterday, and I’m not kidding about this, I was talking to my business partner about Sandra Lee. I had read an article about her that broke down her earnings in the form of a pretty little pie chart. We learned that 60% of her income came from her cookbooks. I was trying to convince Audrey that we needed to start thinking about writing books because .. 60%!! WOW! We spoke about Sandra for a good hour and dissected her business model bit by bit.

We discussed how it would be amazing to capture even a mist of what she’s accomplished in this world. She is everywhere and still presents with class and with style. There’s no embarrassing reality show or scandalous sex tape that catapulted her to the top. Sandra did it the old fashioned way –  hard work and hustle. And honestly, I admire her for that.

This morning, I logged onto Twitter and saw Sandra Lee was trending. I thought to myself that everyone else must have read the same article I did yesterday but took longer to start chatting about it. HOWEVER, I learned pretty quickly she was trended for a completely different reason. Sandra Lee has breast cancer and just announced it to the world.

And all the air leaves my body.

Because cancer has infiltrated my life this year. Not that Sandra is in my circle by any means… but cancer has killed, cancer has stolen and cancer has scared many people in my life over the last few months. A very dear friend of mine just found out she is suffering through stage 4 breast cancer. And when I say “just found out” – I mean JUST FOUND OUT.


This powerhouse. This woman who I was admiring – who I was aspiring to emulate – who I was attempting to mold a storyline after is now fighting a very different fight this morning. And that silly pie chart that I was obsessing over yesterday afternoon means absolutely nothing this morning.

“That’s Just How Fast Life Turns. It Turns On A Dime.”

When Sandra Lee said this in her interview with Good Morning America, I nodded because ain’t that the truth.




Prayers are going up and out to anyone who needs them today.

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