The Power Of Pinfluencers: A Conversation With Eva Smith #DisneySMMC

Over the weekend, I headed down to Disney to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Conference with the family. It’s actually one of my favorite conferences on the market because I ALWAYS walk away inspired by their panels. Hands down. This year was no different. As part of their offerings, the team behind DSMMC secured Eva Smith – Head of Marcomm and Insights at Pinterest.  She was absolutely the highlight for me because I am a pinning fanatic. The presentation began with something that caught me off guard. A fact.

Pinterest isn’t a social media network. It’s really something that is very personal instead.

You shouldn’t look at Pinterest as a place where hashtags matter. It’s not really about a conversation. It’s more about creating a small place where you can really show your personality. Let it shine! Then people will find you and follow you because of YOU – not because you happened to jump on the right hashtag at the right time. Love that!! So many other networks feel like a lot of work when you start playing the game. Pinterest doesn’t ever want to feel unauthentic. They want you to keep your boards completely personal and unique to your fingerprint.

The Power Of Pinfluencers:  A Conversation With Eva Smith #DisneySMMC

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As a blogger, I found some stats really interesting as well. For instance, over 80% of users are on their phones! I totally get this! When I was going crazy with Pinterest last year (and when I gained like 25,000 followers), it was because I was pinning like crazy while on line at the supermarket or at Starbucks. I did it when I had just a few minutes to spare. I never really pinned while I was at home in front of my computer. Here are the rest of the stats that Eva shared.

Some Stats:

  • 80% of usage is on a mobile device
  • 1/3 of millennials are on Pinterest
  • 55% of women 18-54 are on Pinterest
  • 100% YOY growth in men

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Pinning Best Practices:

Best Practices: The more it helps me plan the future – the more impactful it will be.

Here is a really simple breakdown of what Pinterest thinks you should do to

STEP 1: Start with a great image – beauty doesn’t always work. Utility works. Vertically oriented. Make sure people will look at the image and understand what you are conveying.

STEP 2: Write helpful descriptions. People think that shorter is better. Utility is king. Are you helping? Are you helping someone achieve their goals?  (For example with fashion — think about writing HOW you can wear the clothing with accessories etc. Give them exact details. That helps fashion perform better)

STEP 3: Link to a useful destination. Does the URL work? Does the drive link to a deeper engagement?

Why Switch To A Business Account

By now, I am sure you’ve been asked to switch to a business account. Have you considered swapping over to the new Pinterest format? Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Gain access to incredible analytical suite
  • Learn who your audience is: (location, interests, helps you figure out how you can make your content more impactful)
  • Learn how the “Pin It Button” on your blog will lead to traffic

Thank so much to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference for inviting me this year to attend. I was so thrilled to be a part of this session.

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And if you’d like to check out my boards on Pinterest, click here!


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