That’s It – I’m Back To Business


The weather is finally getting nicer! I’ve been waiting all winter to start playing tennis again and over the weekend I had the chance to do so with my hubby. I stunk… and I mean BIG TIME. Every time I hit the ball it flew to the end of the Earth. And of course – to make things worse – I would shout “I’m SORRY!!” each and every time it did. Finally Bill was like… OK I GET IT! Stop apologizing!


Anyway – I went to New Balance to see if I can get a pair of tennis sneakers AND a pair of running sneakers since I want to take up both sports this spring/summer. I didn’t LOVE the tennis sneakers because they were mainly white and I’m just not that kinda girl. Yes, I am totally superficial like that. So, I asked if there was one sneaker that could do both and I was referred to the cross trainer.

So, I bought them.

I threw those puppies on this morning and went for a run. I weighed myself last night – not good. I’m back to that damn number – the one my body thinks I should live with. Well, no thank you!

I’m not upset though – I’ve been traveling for almost a month. I’m actually surprised I maintained as well as I did. I had gelato twice a day in Italy for Pete’s sake!

But no more. I’m back to basics folks. I even started up my Run Tracker on my iPhone to see how far I ran and of course I did something wrong and it didn’t log anything.

And the funniest part – there was this woman with a sprained knee who was running circles around me. She passed me like 3 times and by the 4th I was like… COME ON! Go a different way! This isĀ embarrassing!!

Sprained KNEE people!!! You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s all good. It’s a start. I’m going to go food shopping and grab some of my old Weight Watchers staples. You know, apple sauce, oatmeal and Crystal Light. The summer is right around the corner.

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  1. Carley wrote:

    Way to go! Getting into running is the hardest part. I started running about 18 months ago and couldn’t even make it ONCE around the track (1/4 mile) and now I can do 12 miles. I wear a type of minimalist shoe- which means that there isn’t a lot of cushioning or support, it makes your body work for it and build up strength in your calves and feet. It takes some adjustment, but it is more in line with how running was pre-Nike days. I have the Merrell barefoots from REI (they come in FAB colors) but there are all sorts of minimalist shoes out there if you find that your regular running shoes just aren’t cutting it or if you start having knee or shin pain. Just my two cents! Keep on running!!

    Posted 4.17.12
    • Vera wrote:

      I have minimalist sneakers – but my ankles hurt so I know I’m using them too early??

      I am SO HAPPY TO READ THIS – it gives me hope because I am really out of shape!!

      Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

      Posted 4.17.12

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