Looking For A Great Mother’s Day Gift? Check Out Luna & Stella

I am always in the market for something fun and unique and I just came across some pieces from Luna & Stella Modern Birthstone Jewelry. When I was younger, my grandfather gave me a gold pinky ring with a sweet topaz gem in the center. I wore it for years and years. Unfortunately, my house was robbed when I was a teenager and I no longer have the piece, but my fond memories are still in tact.

We all know that Mother’s Day is right around the corner which means that husbands everywhere are in a panic. I thought I’d share this brand for you to pass along. 🙂

Every piece of Luna & Stella jewelry is completely customizable, so it’s easy for anyone to create a really unique gift for any mom they know… choose the style, charms and metal finish you like and then add the birthstone(s) you want to include that represent each of her children and/or her husband, partner, etc.

What I particularly like about Luna & Stella is that you can keep adding birthstones/charms to with every birthday, anniversary or new addition to your family. So, they will never be out of date. 🙂

What do you think about birthstone jewelry? Do you own any?


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