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10 Easy Ways To Treat Yourself Today

Treat yourself. You deserve it. There’s an ongoing theme with all of my posts as of late. I’ve been taking it easy this summer which is SO OUT OF CHARACTER FOR ME. Typically, I’m “TYPE-A crazy all day/every day” but something changed last year for me. I lost my mind earning money. I learned that I […]

10 Things Every Mom Will Do By The End Of The Week

Women all over this country are living vastly different lives… or are we? More often than not, when I log onto Facebook, I can relate to just about everything that I see on my wall. Whether it’s coming from my dear friend who homeschools her 7 kids in Utah or if it’s my childhood friend […]

Those First Few Months Of Motherhood

This post was sponsored by Pampers and CafeMom. You can read every book that’s available under the sun and you still won’t ever be prepared for those first few weeks of motherhood. It’s every emotion rolled into one. It’s joy. It’s happiness. It’s frustration. It’s worry. It’s euphoria. It’s all that you ever imagined it to […]