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Happy Mother’s Day! What It Feels Like To Be A New Mom (Plus Honoring A Mom In Need Thanks To Pampers)

I remember the moment I became a new mom.

A mother never forgets her first Mother’s Day – whether you were pregnant or up all night with a new bundle of joy. I know that Mother’s Day for me is one of the most special days of the year. I guess it’s because I have had such difficult pregnancies. I’ve never kept that a secret on the blog because I always wanted to let other new moms know that people in the world were going through the same thing. High-risk pregnancy mamas understand exactly what I mean when I say those few months are the most stressful of our lives. Every day it changes. Every day you never really know what you are going to wake up to face. As a new mom, that can be scary. 

Pampers wants to be among the first to wish moms a Happy Mother’s Day. So, they put together a video that unveiled during a time when they knew that they’ll have moms’ attention… and likely no one else’s: the middle of the night.  

If you are a new mom, I encourage you to check out the Pampers video below to see their kind message to all moms. I just love their videos, don’t you? All the feels.  New Mom or not – this one is for you! 

My first Mother’s Day, my daughter was almost a year old. Natalie brought Bill and I through ups and downs – it was a true test as a new mom. Of course, she didn’t mean for it to be that sort of bumpy ride, but I suppose it made the three of us that much closer. From bedrest to the countless doctor’s appointments, I knew that motherhood to me was a title that I had earned. My daughter was a soldier – fighting to be born and I did everything I could to ensure that she had the safest ride possible. High-risk pregnancies are the ultimate test. They test your body, your mind, maybe even your marriage. And we did it three times, no less!!! As a new mom or as a veteren – it was never easy.

What It Feels Like To Be A New Mom

I remember when Natalie was born in June, we had just missed Mother’s Day by a few weeks. However, Bill was able to celebrate Father’s Day in 2005 with her just being a few days old. It was such a joyous moment for us both – to finally be able to protect her in our arms. A thankful moment as well. I looked on lovingly as I saw my husband have his day – with balloons and ice cream cake, cards from his parents and a little trinket from me. I had made him a Dad and that was a special thing. It still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

A year later, it was finally my turn. I had obviously been a mother all along. I didn’t need a day to give me that title. I’ve been wearing that crown from the moment I laid eyes on my precious little angel. But there was something beyond words that happened to me as I joined my own mother for dinner on Mother’s Day and realized that I was part of her side of the coin. I was no longer the child. Well, I suppose, I will always be her child… But now I was more.

Having children has given me the ability to become more. I am more because of them.

What It Feels Like To Be A New Mom

Standing there right next to my mother and taking photos with my daughter in my arms – it all felt so surreal. I was a new mom and I did this for my family. I gave my mother a granddaughter. I gave my husband a daughter. And I gave myself the greatest gift I could think of. Life and unconditional love.

I was feeling it from my mother in a way I didn’t understand until that moment. So, I suppose my first Mother’s Day gave me some sort of clarity. I understood love in a way that I didn’t really understand it before. A mother’s love through the eyes of my own mother.

You always said “Happy Mother’s Day” until one day, someone finally said it to you! How did that first Happy Mother’s Day feel for you?!

What It Feels Like To Be A New Mom

Giving Back

Pampers was kind enough to allow me to gift a Mother’s Day package to a mom in need. I chose a dear friend, Pauline, who recently suffered through a house fire and whose family is trying to get back on their feet. I can’t thank Pampers enough for the opportunity to allow me to reach out and into my community and to help people out when I can. It’s one of the best parts about being on the Pampers Baby Board! Thank you so much Pampers for this opportunity!


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