Stocking Stuffers Made Easy this Holiday Season at Staples


I didn’t really have too much in the way of stocking stuffers when I was a kid. It just wasn’t part of our tradition. Bill, on the other hand, loved getting his little gifts in his stocking. It was a simple treat and a memorable tradition for him and his family. So glad that we brought it into ours once we created a family of our own.

Today, we opt for a TON of stocking stuffers in the Sweeney house! It’s always so fun to see our little ones dig in and get excited about small trinkets and pieces of candy. It just shows that “bigger” isn’t always “better” and that the little things can still get kids that have it all a little excited. I just love it.


When it was time to start my Christmas shopping this year, I turned to Staples. They truly have everything and make it so easy for a busy mom on the go. I don’t have time to make a million stops while running errands. I need to be in and out with everything checked off my list as COMPLETE once through.

Sure, Staples is awesome at the big stuff, but would I have the same success racking up the awesomeness for my stocking stuffer needs? The answer is YES!  Thankfully, they have a ton of great little items, perfect for hanging up inside our stockings above our fireplace!!!

I mean, take a look at what I was able to purchase at Staples! Slinky, Duncan Yo-Yo, Silly Putty! Talk about bringing me back! ­čÖé ┬áNot to mention all types of candy like Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and Air Heads. A┬ástocking stuffer paradise!


Staples also offers an amazing section of good, old-fashioned games, too! We are talking old school, like Uno, tabletop soccer and bowling, plus juggling balls, ping pong, and fying planes! The kids are going to really love all of this. Truth be told, I can’t wait to play along right beside┬áthem. It’s just good, clean, all-time great fun.

These items never get old. That’s what stocking stuffers are all about for me and Bill. We might go overboard, but we admit it. We love it so much, and so do the kids. It’s a tradition that we won’t be letting go of anytime soon!!

So, no matter who you are shopping for this year and whether the gift is big or small, be sure to hit Staples to find unexpected gifts that will satisfy anyone on your list!!!


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