Still Haven’t Read ‘Crushing It’ And Here’s Why

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As soon as I heard that Gary Vee was coming out with a new book, I knew that I wanted to support him. He’s a huge motivator in my industry and I absolutely love to listen to his videos while I am working. That’s something important to note. I listen to Gary while I’m  working on my business plan. I let his YouTube videos run while I am writing, editing, or photographing work for Lady and the Blog.

The book has been in my house for several days now and I haven’t even unwrapped it yet! I want to – I really do. But one thing is holding me back… I’m too busy crushing it.

I run several masterminds, oversee an entrepreneur group of over 3,000 professionals, am the sole editor of Lady and the Blog and … a mom of three.  Not to mention the fact that I am attempting to launch a new YouTube career. Sure, I’ve had my account for over 10 years but I never really put too much effort into it. This month … something changed. So, add YouTuber to my mix!

When I find a minute,  I will unwrap the book and read it. But I have a feeling that Gary is going to tell me to stop sitting on my rear, to start hustling, and to document everything that I do. Check. Check. Check.

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