Starting All Over With Couponing – Come Join Me

With all the traveling I’ve done over the last few weeks, I totally neglected my coupon addiction. I didn’t have a chance to stock up on newspapers, AND had about 90% of my coupon pile EXPIRE without using them.  So, I just threw everything away.


But, now that I am back home and enjoying my typical day-to-day routine, I’ve decided to start all over with a new couponing policy. I’m not cutting coupons each week anymore. In fact, I am just going to 100% rely on online couponing sites to help me with my savings. And if you’ve ever checked out those types of websites, they always tell you the DATE the coupon was included in a newspaper.

My number one favorite couponing site is Living Rich With Coupons. Here is an example of what I mean. She writes what is on sale, links to any coupons you can print to take advantage of that sale, and also lists out any coupons you would have gotten via newspaper or magazine.

So, instead of cutting everything and sectioning it all out by TYPE, I am going to clip weeks together uncut and then just pull out each date as needed.

For example, this week I marked all of my inserts with 4/15 several times over the cover. I buy 4 newspapers a week – so I had to do it a bunch of times since each newspaper comes with 3 or 4 inserts.

I had EXPIRED EXTRA CARE BUCKS and basically got on my knees and begged my local manager to honor them this morning. He did. I didn’t have any coupons to use since I haven’t been keeping up so I just bought the one thing that was free from the circular.

Naturelief was $8.49 and you got $8.49 back. That’s how you get into the game. So, now I’ve spent around $9 and have $9 to use next week and will hopefully keep using that $9 over and over again to continue to get free products from CVS.


We are literally starting in the same position. I have nothing but the 4 newspapers from today. Once a week, I post what I buy either in video or post format and hopefully you can reap the rewards.

I bought Clorox and Doritos because I had about $14 in ECB from a month ago. I had to buy random things to completely use all my expired ECB. They didn’t give me anything back. Just an FYI.

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  1. Lora wrote:

    Okay, I’ve never done couponing before but this inspired me. I just went and bought the newspapers and the Naturelief. I put my coupons in a folder. We’ll see if I can do this next weekend! I’m going to watch your next week’s video first!

    Posted 4.15.12
  2. I’m sorry you lost your coupons, but I’m thankful for this refresher post on couponing! I’ve wanted to start couponing for a while now but was just a little intimidated by the whole thing.

    What are your favorite papers to subscribe to? Or do you just pick them up at your supermarket or gas station?

    Posted 4.15.12
  3. Vera wrote:

    I get Newsday but it will be different for you. You have to actually test out all the papers to see which is best – each area is different. personally for long island i like newsday 🙂

    Posted 4.16.12

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