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18 School Talent Show Prizes To Give Away To Kids Who Compete

A night of fun and dancing should always end with awesome talent show prizes. After all, schools need the right incentive to get their classmates moving and grooving on the dance floor every year.

school Talent Show Prizes

What are some great talent show prize ideas? A free kid’s martial arts classes, a $25 XboX Live card, a gift card to the local pizzeria, or you could opt for an actual gold trophy.

While some institutions prefer to offer up pride and not prize, others like to hand out little trinkets as rewards. Both ideas work! These talent show prize ideas will help you figure out what you need to complete this night of fun!

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18 School Talent Show Prizes To Give Away To Kids Who Compete

talent show prizes ideas

After each of the children performs their talent show ideas, consider one of the following prizes for the the top three winners:

  1. Kid’s martial arts class
  2. Gift card to the local pizzeria
  3. $25 Xbox Live card
  4. Gold trophy
  5. Light up bracelets (for little ones) – set to divide up
  6. Rubix Cubes – – set to divide up
  7. Water bottles
  8. Roblox / Fortnite Money
  9. Bookmarks – 70 pieces
  10. Popsocket
  11. Pencil Cases
  12. Flashlights – set to divide up
  13. Locker Decor – Photo Magnets
  14. Locker Decor – Rug
  15. Emoji Magnets – for Locker
  16. 20 pack of slime
  17. 12 pack – party toy puzzles
  18. Donations from local restaurants, coffee shops, service locations – including hair and nail salons, pottery/painting classes, and more
contest prize ideas

Picking The Right Contest Prize Ideas For You

The value of most talent show prizes is kept to a minimum when dealing with children because the event typically focuses on fun and entertainment. However, if you’d like to have something small, these contest prize ideas are ideal.

Consider splitting up several of the above sets and giving everyone who signs up a little trinket to take home. There are some packs of 20 or even 70 available on the list.

What could the grand prize winner of your contest take home for the night? How about a $25 gift card to your local pizzeria? Hopefully, you can get that business to donate the funds in exchange for an ad in the night’s pamphlet and any email blasts that went out prior that helped promote the event.

Everyone else who participates can take home two buttons and a few pieces of peanut-free candy. Wrap it all up in a cellophane bag and call it a day.

game prize ideas

These sets are economical because you can cover a lot of children for $10. As mentioned above, if you just add something extra to your goodie bag, it will be complete.

We often head to the Dollar Store and pick up packs of pencils and erasers. You can usually get 12 pencils for a dollar and dozens of erasers for the same amount. A great option to consider if you want to stay away from sweet treats.

Talent Show Prize Ideas For Teens

Talent Show Prize Ideas For Teens

When working with older children, the slime packs will not do. Instead, opt for something that they would use in their everyday lives – like locker decor, water bottles, or school supply organization tools.

Once children enter high school, it’s more about functionality than anything else. They don’t need blinking flashlights. They need a new ring light, gel pens, or even a new Pop Socket.


Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

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