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Sarah Jessica Parker Collection With Hallmark: Exclusive Interview With The Style Icon

Hallmark invited me to NYC to get a sneak peek of the Sarah Jessica Parker collection and I got to meet the style icon goddess. The one and only. The woman that every woman wants to meet.




I have been a fan since the beginning of time. And I’m not talking Sex and the City beginning of time – I’m talking WAY BACK. “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. Anyone with me here on this one? Anyone? It was my all time favorite film for AGES. I wanted to be her character. I knew the final dance scene by heart. UGH! DON’T GET ME STARTED!!

So – when I had the opportunity to attend the press preview of Sarah Jessica’s new Hallmark greeting card, stationery and gift wrap collection I just could not resist.

Sarah Jessica Parker Collection With Hallmark: Exclusive Interview With The Style Icon

Sarah Jessica Parker Collection With Hallmark: Exclusive Interview With The Style Icon

She was as pleasant and as beautiful as you’d think she would be.  There were no disappointments there. Wearing a pair of heels from her new SJP line and a Chanel jacket to keep her warm, the fashionista opened up to the room about how happy she was to have teamed up with Hallmark for the new Sarah Jessica Parker Collection. I actually filmed her intro — check it out below:

Sarah Jessica Parker Presents Collection To Press

Sarah Jessica Parker Collection With Hallmark
Sarah Jessica Parker Collection With Hallmark
Sarah Jessica Parker Collection With Hallmark

We had the chance to take a look at the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection first hand and one card was more adorable than the next. It actually made me want to start writing notes again to friends. Isn’t that something that has been lost due to social media? Sad really. Remember how you used to feel when you received a letter in the mail from a friend? A HANDWRITTEN LETTER? It is a special treat and a lost art. I have a feeling this new collection might inspire women to plug back into that old feeling. I know I walked away holding onto all those fond memories and wanting to reconnect with them once again. 

Sarah Jessica Parker Collection With Hallmark

The Sarah Jessica Parker Collection is available TODAY at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores nationwide. So, head on out and get your hands on these beautiful pieces. The last image above are four cards from the Valentine’s Day line. Beautiful!! I really REALLY love what I saw and I am SO HAPPY that Sarah Jessica teamed up with Hallmark and dove into stationary. She brought her flare for fashion to the greeting card industry and made it chic and stylish.

And as IF this wasn’t ENOUGH – I had a chance to INTERVIEW Sarah Jessica Parker!! WHAT!?

Sarah Jessica Parker Interview

Why did you decide to partner with Hallmark and create a new stationery line?

I would never have predicted the collaboration but I have to say with all sincerity it was a wonderful, wonderful experience. I learned an enormous amount about this industry which is a very unique category of product. But I realized I had a long relationship with Hallmark in my head starting from when I was a young girl.

Also – you and I both know what it means when someone writes you a note and you get it in the mail. When they share something with you that is probably really meaningful to them — how lovely that is and how unfortunately rare that is. But if you watch one episode of Downtown Abbey – everybody is getting 4 or 5 letters each during mail time.

I did it for years and I still write thank you notes. My children still write thank you notes on paper and by hand. But we don’t share the passing in time the same way that we used to. So, to sit and think for a while with the creative team was a really amazing experience. And for the company to share 100 years of archive with me – which nobody had done before – was quite an experience.

What do you hope people will get out of your new card collection?

I hope women and men buy these cards and it helps them share feelings that they’ve not been able to thus far. Perhaps the cards can act as a gateway to share more of that part of themselves. Or that they will help people to share things that they just aren’t able to share because they shut down when they see a blank piece of paper.

What do you think of the new Sarah Jessica Parker Collection for Hallmark?


Thursday 23rd of January 2014

She just emulates style, class and grace what an amazing idea! I love her, cards and you Ver!


Thursday 23rd of January 2014

Just spectacular! I'm such a fan of the written note--and these days it feels even more special, like a long lost art form. Kudos to her. P.S. You are looking great post baby.

tiffany cheung

Friday 17th of January 2014

Love all the colors and designs! Go Sarah Jessica Parker! :)


Friday 17th of January 2014

amazing right -- she really outdid herself

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