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Daily Diary: Spending The Week At Sandals Grande Antigua !!

We are here folks!! Sandals Grande Antigua! My mother is with the kids and I am calling her every 4.5 seconds to make sure that everyone is ok. I’m afraid to see our phone bill next month. OH MY GOODNESS.

But I’m not going to worry about that right now. Right now, I’m just going to worry about enjoying my vacation with my husband. Antigua is simply beautiful! The flight was a breeze. Though to be honest with you – I don’t remember much. I read 1.5 books. YES MULTIPLE BOOKS ( I read fast when they are raunchy) and then passed O-U-T. Me and Bill must have looked insane. But it’s been a rough few months and it was our first time away from the kids. So we quite literally collapsed. Thank goodness the plane was empty. I slept on his lap and he sprawled out. It was wonderful.

I am taking a TON OF VIDEO — so get ready for all of that. I really want to capture the essence of the property. Sandals Grande Antigua does not disappoint. My room….

MY ROOM. You are going to DIE WHEN YOU SEE MY ROOM. I almost fell on the floor. Oh my word. I don’t want to say anymore. Wait for the videos!! I want to show it all together. I will give you a few peeks here and there but I can’t upload any video until I get home because of the Internet connection. So – stay tuned!!!

Until I get back on Thursday, posting will be a bit light. I hope you understand!!

** I’m working with Liberty Travel on this travel blog series. The company sent me to Sandals Grande Antigua to review the property.

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