Ringly: Tech Jewelry That Alerts You Of New Messages, Emails, Phone Calls And More



What?! Welcome to the ffffuuuuuttttuuuurrrreeeee. Tech jewelry is here and it is happening people! Ringly is a new type of accessory. This statement piece not only looks fabulous, but it serves a purpose. Connect the piece to your phone through an app and the ring will vibrate every time a phone call, text message, email, application push, Twitter announcement or Facebook alert occurs. You can have ALL of the alerts or you can pick and choose which ones you want coming through your ring.

Yes, that means you can put down your phone.

Yes, that means you can actually walk around without having your phone in your hand. Secretly, you will still be connected… but only you will know. Ringly is the tech security blanket fashionistas have been waiting for!

You can pre-order now. Click here for more information.

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