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Free Printable: Ralph And Vanellope Teach Your Kids About Online Safety

Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet has collaborated with Google’s Be Internet Awesome program to encourage the fundamentals of digital citizenship and online safety for kids so they can explore the online world with confidence.

This couldn’t come at a better time because Ralph Breaks the Internet is now available on Bluray and Digital. My children absolutely loved watching Ralph and Vanellope on the big screen.

They are the perfect characters to help hone in the message that it’s important to be safe while spending time online.

Here’s the deal – we all saw these best friends have a blast navigating their web through the web. Well, perhaps your little ones need some guidance of their own. The Be Internet Awesome tools include internet safety tips, downloadable activity sheets, educator and parent guides and more.

So, after you enjoy a fantastic movie night as a family and indulge in a little sweet shake, you should have a real conversation about the importance of remaining diligent while surfing the web and sharing personal information with apps and fellow gamers.


Download Your Be Internet Awesome Activity Sheets:

If you want your kids to engage in serious conversations – especially when they are young – it’s best to approach the topics with a lighthearted start.

Why not use Ralph and this Disney movie to address Internet safety to talk about the importance of a strong password, remaining kind online, and why it’s always necessary to be brave and tell an adult when something doesn’t feel right.

Use these sheets to get your family conversation started. Download as many copies as you’d like.

The 2019 Oscar®-nominated film (for Best Animated Feature) Ralph Breaks the Internet is now available instantly on Digital 4K Ultra HD™/HD/SD and Movies Anywhere and physically on Blu-ray and DVD.

Disney invited me to attend the Ralph Breaks the Internet LA premiere. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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