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A Quick Update From Spain

Update from Spain

Update from Spain time! We are having the most glorious time in Spain. If you haven’t seen the photos I’ve uploaded on Instagram, head on over whenever you can. I’ve been trying to post at least a few snaps a day. I have so much to say about this trip, but I cannot do it all while I am here. I am in between the beach and dinner at the moment and I just have 15 minutes to spare. This is a quick check-in to let you all know that this vacation has been an absolute dream – despite the terrorist attack that derailed half of our plans.

An Update from Spain – The Good with the Terrible

On Saturday, we were slated to arrive into Barcelona. Naturally, we changed plans after the car attack that took place. Our hotel was actually right smack in the middle of the square where it all occurred. I wasn’t ready to deal with the beefed up security.

After some serious negotiations, we were able to transfer our hotel reservations out and into a beach town a few miles way. Currently, we are sitting about 40 miles from the center of the city. BUTTTTTTTT, we all heard about the second foiled attack that happened, right? Well, that occurred pretty close to our hotel. That doesn’t make this region exactly the safest place to be. I guess you have to look at things one of two ways. We are choosing to remain here and to enjoy our time in the sun, but at the same time, we won’t be visiting the city. So, in a way, the terrorists have won and they have lost. We are staying in Spain but we have changed our plans.

We have adjusted. To live is to grow is to learn is to adjust. We are not all trees – and even they bend from time to time.

We didn’t tell the kids about the attacks. There was no point in any of that. Instead, we just kept checking online sources for the latest updates and continued to stay on high alert. As a New Yorker, I can tell you this is actually pretty easy to do.

Pushing that all aside, I will tell you that this trip to Spain is actually the best trip to Europe I have ever taken. And I have been to a dozen or so countries so far. I love to travel. So, for me to say that San Sebastian is my absolute FAVORITE city on the planet – it truly means something. I think in another life, I was a woman who came from Spain.

The clothes.

The food.

The easiness.

The sea.

The lifestyle.

The dance.

The passion.

The casualness.

The glamour.

It just spoke to me. It drew me in. It enveloped me and swallowed me whole. I want more. I don’t ever return to the same place twice when I travel. I like to always head out to new places and live new adventures. However, I can say with certainty that I will revisit San Sebastian and I will come back for weeks not days. Madrid was amazing. Tarragona is a dream – that’s where I currently am staying at the moment. Avila, Basque, and Toledo were also sights of their own. But San Sebastian… my goodness what a town!

That’s living.

An Update from Spain is an Update of Me!

I think I’m coming back a changed woman. Travel does that to your soul. Perhaps that’s why I do it so often. I’m addicted to work. Or at least I was before this trip. Perhaps this will all change. I have a feeling everything will. Something touched my soul while out here. I hope it lasts. Please, God make it last.

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