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Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Today. Tomorrow. Forever

Today. Tomorrow. Forever. That’s what family means to me. I am an only child. So, having three kids is a bit of a test for me. I’m being honest! My childhood was… quiet. It was simple. It was just me and my mom. We would watch TV on the sofa together. We would knit blankets. We would read or try to do the crossword puzzle. Ok, she would do the crossword puzzle and I would read Archie comics. But, my point is, it was quite singular. Everything revolved around me and her. We never fought about what to watch on the TV. We never fought about who would go into the bath first. It was just… easy.

Today. Tomorrow. Forever – Love

To be a mom of three children and to live in a house of complete chaos, I will say that it can feel like a test at times. I truly feel like I am losing my mind. Foolish bickering, crying, screaming – over the most insignificant and ridiculous things! But then, I see moments that I didn’t experience growing up and they just warm my heart and soul.

I see sibling love, bonding, friendship.

I hear laughter in the hallways.

Forts being built under my dining room tables.

I see teamwork and joy and endless adventure.

I wish they continue to do these things today. Tomorrow. Forever.

And yes, I acknowledge that with every good there is a bad. Of course, they fight, they are stubborn, they are young and push one another to the edge. But, thank GOD they have one another.

And thank GOD I have them.

My Heart is Full Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

They make my heart full. They complete me to the end.

We weren’t supposed to have Caleb. I wanted to stop at 2. Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without that ball of energy and joy. His little smile. His morning snuggles. I hope he holds onto himself today, tomorrow, and forever. I hope this world doesn’t chip too much away of him. We will do our parts to remind them how special they really are. We will do our part to remind them how lucky we are to call them our own. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

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