Potty Training? The Magic Bowl DVD To Your Rescue!

I always heard that potty training a boy was harder than a girl. I never really believed it…until I started potty training my son. At first he was so into it, rarely had an accident and then we went on vacation this summer. All potty training skills were out the window since we were on the go so much!

To my rescue came The Magic Bowl. A cute cartoon musical that had Cash intrigued the moment it started! He now regularly asks to watch it and usually goes and sits on the potty in the middle of the movie! This movie will have your children singing and laughing about potty training. Not to mention it will have YOU singing and laughing as well. If “going potty” was a taboo subject in your house…it won’t be once you watch this video! It’s pretty straight forward when it comes to pee and poo and it had us cracking up!

The Magic Bowl is based on Dr. Kushnir’s 25 years of experience in the areas of potty training, bed wetting and sphincter control. The movie presents the toilet as a warm, safe, protective place and not something to be afraid of.

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