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Pampers Easy Ups And My Top Potty Training Tips

I am on baby number three and have a few potty training tips to pass along to you moms out there. Believe me when I say that I’ve “been there. done that”. I’ve potty trained both a boy and a girl – so let me just stop you! My potty training tips will work for all of your children. 🙂 Through it all, since 2005, I have been a Pampers mom. I’ve shared so many stories throughout the years that the company has even asked me to be part of their Pampers Baby Board. YES! That’s how much of a true fan I really am. A dedicated family to a brand I know and trust. And now that we are living and breathing inn Pampers Easy Ups, I thought it was time to talk about all that I know. 

Pampers Easy Ups And My Top Potty Training Tips

Pampers Easy Ups And My Top Potty Training Tips

You want to know why? Because I can’t handle potty training. It’s true. It’s so messy and crazy and illogical and… if I could outsource it I would. But that’s not reality. Potty training is part of my job description and I do it with pride … as any parent does. It’s a rite of passage!! These potty training tips will get you on your way, too! Just grab a set of Pampers Easy Ups and let’s get this party started. 

Here’s A Few Of My Potty Training Tips:

  1. Don’t start potty training your children until you think they are ready. I know you want to get them going as soon as possible, but it’s better for everyone if you wait until your child shows signs of interest.
  2. Engage your children with books and movies about potty training. The more the merrier. It is ALL about potty training… all the time.
  3. If you have older siblings, bring your youngest along and have them watch what happens in the bathroom.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make a big deal about small wins.
  5. I rewarded number two and I’m not ashamed to admit that!
  6. Purchase potty training diapers that are fun and have characters your children love.

You want to know why number 6 is so important? Because I would tell my older two, “You don’t want to pee pee on Favorite Character X? Do you? Let’s make sure to go to the potty so we can keep Favorite Character X nice and dry.” Score and score.

Pampers Easy Ups were and will be my go-to training pants as long as I’m potty training my children. Pampers Easy Ups leak less than Huggies ** . I am talking about superior leakage protection. And the LAST thing I want to do as a mom is get up in the middle of the night and change bed sheets because of a training pants leak. That is what my nightmares are made of!! I need my trainers to work and I need to know that my children will want to wear them because they are fun to look at. The Easy Ups give me both sides of the coin.

What do you think about Pampers Easy Ups? Have you tried them before?

** vs. Huggies Pull-Ups size 4. Huggies Pull-Ups is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark

* this is a sponsored post — all opinions are my own. Proud to be a Pampers Baby Board member!

Lesley Robinson Hudson

Friday 12th of September 2014

Great tips! I also reward successful #2's. I question this strategy sometimes, but it motivates my child to move to the potty, rather than squat behind the couch! As we build momentum with the reward system (ours is a popsicle, I know sugar ... double bad parenting), the potty has become more naturalized and she usually asks to use it now (before we had to drag her kicking and screaming).

There is so much to feel guilty about in parenting, isn't there? :) Not an easy job!

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