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5 Must-Have Potty Training Items To Make The Process A Breeze

We are just about to start potty training our third child. I can’t believe that we are here again! Can I be honest with you? It’s not my favorite part of parenting. I’d much rather take them on roller coasters and snuggle up with them in bed while watching a movie. Potty training – that’s a bit of effort.

But I’ve learned over the last 9 years that there are a few tricks of the trade that can make the process easier / smoother / simpler / better – for EVERYONE involved.

You need TOOLS PEOPLE! You can’t just expect them to get it. Oh no – it has to be fun and exciting and interesting. After all, they are just children.

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So first and foremost. Get excited. Amp up the energy. Put on a happy face. Smile the hard smile. Widen those eyes! It’s POTTY TIME!! WOOT WOOT WOOT! They need to see that it’s a good thing. Pooping on the potty is aaahhhhhmmmmaaaazzzzziiiinnnngggggg and they need to be a part of the action.

Now onto the actual products:

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1. P is for Potty! (Sesame Street) (Lift-the-Flap):  You need to make sure you have some reading material to prep your kids prior to the actual ACT. Get them a few books and videos. Immerse them in the notion of the potty. This will also act as reading material for when they are actually sitting on the potty. (If you have an iPad – there are plenty of apps that could entertain as well).

2. I Can Do It! Potty Training System, New Updated Look!  Get a reward system in place. You need stickers and checks and lists and diplomas. You need it all! And no, this isn’t overdoing it. It’s just right. Trust me! Potty training is a big step for babies. Give them a sticker!

3. Prince Lionheart Weepod Toilet Trainer, Berry Blue:  Those little tushes are too small for your actual toilet. So, either purchase a little potty to sit on OR buy a trainer. I prefer the trainer because I do not like to clean out the mini toilet once they are done doing their business. I’d MUCH rather FLUSH and simply wipe down the trainer instead.

4. Pampers Easy Ups Boys:  You have to transition your child out of the notion of the diaper. So, change them out of their regular diapers and into Pampers Easy Ups instead. Easy Ups are PERFECT because not only do they act and feel like underwear, but they have fun characters on the front as well. This is a MAJOR tip, folks. “You don’t want to pee on Thomas the Train, do you?” The answer was always an outstanding NO! And girls, they don’t want to pee on Dora!!! I love Pampers Easy Ups! They have fewer leaks than Huggies Pull-Ups* too. Pull them up and down like underwear – it feels different.

5. Summer Infant Little Looster: It’s funny because I had this step before Summer Infant bought it from the original designer. This product was AMAZING. It’s a HUGE step for the kids to use to get onto the toilet and feel secure. And it also doubled as a seat for me when I would bathe my little ones in the bath. Obsessed with the Little Looster! You don’t want me to be afraid of the toilet. They need a step – especially if you are starting them when they’re towards the younger side.

What do you think of my 5 potty training tips? Would love for you to share yours! We’ve been using all of these products in my house since potty training my firstborn in 2007. They work. They make it easier… and I have a STACK of Pampers Easy Ups just waiting for Caleb in my basement. He has a few more months left before this party starts. I think as a third child he will catch on a bit quicker though because he constantly watches his older siblings use the potty. That’s another secret you know… have your little one watch you go to the bathroom. Let them see that it’s normal to use the toilet!!

Good luck if you are just starting this adventure. I’ll be joining you  (for the last time) before you know it.

*based on size 4 Learning Designs.

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