Password Journal Won’t Open For Anything (This Video Of My Daughter Cracks Me UP)

The Password Journal has literally brought so much laughter into my house. I don’t know how else to put it. 

Natalie and Liam went to a Santa brunch last weekend and were able to snag an early Christmas present. My daughter has been DYING (and I mean DYING) for the Password Journal. So, Santa listened and she practically levitated opening up her gift. WELL…. 

The theory behind the toy is only your child’s voice saying her “secret word” will allow the toy to open up and gain access to a secret journal. One slight problem – the pitch has to be the same. THE SAME. Otherwise, it doesn’t work – even when they ARE saying the right word.

My Password Journal Video

I’ve never laughed so hard over a toy in my life. All day long, all I hear is the word “purple” over and over again. High pitch. Low pitch. Long. Soft. You name it and Natalie is trying to replicate it. 

Believe me, the fact that she cannot reopen her toy it’s not deterring her from playing with the Password Journal either. She actually quite enjoys the challenge.

She’s even told me that she thinks no one will ever read her secret journal because she can hardly get into it. So, I guess you can call that high security, right? LOL! 

My Password Journal video gets funnier and funnier by the minute – at least that’s just what I think. Now, imagine this happening all day long from every room of the house. Right before she wakes up while still in bed, at the breakfast table while chowing down on cereal… this is all I hear!!! LOL

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If you’d like to torture your children with this magic gift, check out this link and thank me later. 

How To Use Password Journal

  • Press the Access Button to open the journal cover.
  • Press the Record Options Button until you hear the option for Record Your Password, then press the Select Button to enter your choice.
  • When the LED light comes on, clearly say your chosen password. Be somewhere quiet.
  • Repeat your password. Be sure to speak clearly and say your password the EXACT same way each time! Write down your password somewhere safe.
  • REMINDER: You can reset your password at any time by pressing the reset button with the tip of a pen.

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