Daily Diary: A Pregnancy Update (SUPER LONG)

I took a few days off writing about this topic because there were so many ups and downs. I personally couldn’t keep up. I don’t see the point in writing one day that everything is great only to give the complete opposite report the very next day.

It’s too confusing  – even for me.

But my silence is being misinterpreted by many. I am getting email after email congratulating me for getting through the storm. And that just isn’t the case. I just don’t want to do daily updates about what’s going on. Last week, I went to the hospital three different times and had two regular doctor visits at the office. I didn’t write about all of it because it’s just too much.

I am a sharer… so I can understand how everyone is just assuming things have been great. I’m not saying otherwise – so how could anyone expect anything negative?  My original decision to NOT talk about this pregnancy is making me have to talk about it more via email. So, I guess I just have to confuse the heck out of you all and let you know what’s going on as it happens.

Where am I right now? I’m in a good place (relatively speaking of course). I had an appointment on Friday and things looked great. I’m not contracting at all. Doctor was very hopeful.  My cervix went back up to 1.4 from 1 which was an absolute sign of improvement. We still can’t determine what was happening all last week – the cramps I felt obviously had an impact on my cervix but they couldn’t figure out what was happening.

On Wednesday (which I didn’t write about), I went to the hospital because I was feeling pain every 4 minutes for over an hour. We were timing them at around 4:30AM. By 6:30, my doctor told me to get to the hospital. Thankfully, when I got there the cramps had subsided and everything sort of mellowed out. I drank about a GALLON of water and literally haven’t moved off my bed since (except to go to the bathroom of course).

On Wednesday and Thursday I went completely dark. I was so upset and stressed and worried about the whole thing that I even asked Audrey to not call me. And that’s like… CRAZY. I talk to her 650 times a day. At one point, Bill came into the room and said… “what happened to Audrey? why hasn’t she called?” I didn’t want to talk to anyone at all. I barely spoke to Bill. I just wanted to be left alone. I didn’t blog / email / facebook etc… I just stayed in bed and vegged out. 26 weeks and a few days under my belt – I wasn’t ready to think of the worst case scenario.

It took me to get to a full 27 weeks and to have a positive doctor’s appointment under my belt to lift that cloud. Not that 27 weeks is safe by any means. In fact, no point in a pregnancy is safe. The miracle of birth is truly just that. There are babies born at 27 weeks that end up with no long term disabilities and there are babies that are born at 27 weeks that suffer from brain bleeds which cause a multitude of issues. And then there are babies born at 27 weeks that don’t make it. So, how do you reconcile that?

All these damn forums – I don’t know why I do it to myself? I spend HOURS a day reading these horrific stories. It’s a way to help prepare myself for the worse I suppose. If I equip myself with enough knowledge, then maybe the NICU will be more manageable? At least, that’s what I tell myself. But I think it’s only making me crazier. As if that was possible…

And while I’m being honest, it doesn’t help that most people just don’t understand. Everyone is focusing on me being immobile. Yes, that stinks – not being able to LITERALLY MOVE off my bed. But that’s not the problem. The problem is the baby’s health. The comments I receive don’t upset me because I know that most people just don’t understand – but it’s just hard to keep hearing “enjoy these few weeks”, “I wish I had someone tell me to stay in bed”  or “rest up – you’ll need it”. How can I possible enjoy this? It’s not a joke. Again I want to reiterate – I’m not upset at all. I know that people just don’t understand.

You become hypersensitive when you are on bed rest. Every ache, cramp, contraction sends you in overdrive. Every time I pee, the first thing I do is look at my underwear for blood. People don’t understand living in that state of fear. Every single time, I take a deep breath and look for blood because there’s not a moment in the day that I don’t think I’m going to lose this baby. Try to explain that one to friends and family. Unless you’ve been a high risk pregnant woman, you can’t possible know what that feels like. And believe me – I hope that you never do.

Anyway – today I am fine. So, I will take it. Friday will make 28 weeks which is the first milestone that I would like to hit. I have another appointment on Monday. I’m assuming it will be a good one.  Then I have another appointment on Thursday. See how crazy this is? They are watching me so intently which of course makes me feel safe, but at the same time it gives me a lot of opportunity to hear bad news. I’m always sick the day before and the day of an appointment. If I’m having 2 a week, you can imagine how loopy I can get.

But like I said – we are out of the IC red zone. If I were to deliver today, this boy has a fighting chance. My brain understands that and maybe that’s why I’ve been able to breath a bit easier these last few days.

Sorry this is so long – but I wanted you to understand where I am at this point. Today I am good. I thank you all for your kind words and well wishes. Even though they make me cry every single time I read them. LOL – but it’s a good cry because it makes me feel like I’m not alone.


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  1. Tricia Mumby wrote:

    xo you do what you have to do! Quiet, loud, chatty or silent. Your gut tells you what you need. Sounds like you are listening to your gut and that’s smart.

    Posted 12.9.12
  2. Lois wrote:

    Vera I’m praying for you and baby 🙂
    I’ve been in your position and it down right sucks worrying every second
    About your baby’s health. If you ever
    Want to talk please email or Facebook me!

    Posted 12.9.12
  3. Dana wrote:

    I’ve been there Vera. No one really understands that it’s not about you, it’s about the baby. Both times everything worked out for me. I now have a 27 year old and an almost 25 year old. You and your family are in my prayers. Do what you have to do to keep it together and have a healthy baby.

    Posted 12.9.12
  4. Jennifer wrote:

    It’s totally about the baby and I remember having all of those same fears. I delivered b/g twins at 30 weeks. I remember everyday being a victory if they were still in me. We have healthy and happy almost three year old twins now. If you ever have questions about the NICU please feel free to email me.

    Prayers for you and that precious baby.

    Posted 12.9.12
  5. Sally wrote:

    lots of love to you. it sounds scary and like you are doing the right thing. take care.

    Posted 12.9.12
  6. Vera, still praying for you, the baby, and your family daily.. God will give you peace in where-ever you meet Him.. Love the great photo! no matter what you are doing, you always have that glow in your face these days! graciously, Cathy B @projecthope7

    Posted 12.9.12
  7. Maria wrote:

    Praying for you and your family! You’re an awesome mamma!!

    Posted 12.9.12
  8. Ugh…you poor thing. And it is hard for many to understand. I had five easy pregnancies, so I never thought about any of the “what ifs.” When my oldest daughter (28) had a high risk pregnancy this year, I was on the phone with her or chatting via iPhone video chat if I couldn’t get over to see her. And honestly, some days she didn’t even want to see her husband. She’s a very active, athletic (didn’t get that from me!), workaholic RN who is used to caring for people who are gravely ill. She was on bedrest for months, swollen beyond belief and miserable. Everyone told her she was lucky to be home — and that didn’t settle well. When Ryan was born – he made it to 36 weeks — he was in the NICU and was under 5 lbs. She had an emergency c-section she never planned for in her “I’m never hurt/sick/injured” dreams. The good news is, she got past it. She was probably searching the same forums you are. She cried a lot. And the first month she cried more because he wasn’t a well baby. Stop on over to my FB page and you’ll see 3.5 mo Ryan now –a healthy, chunky, smiling and happy baby. So, I’m relaying a message from my daughter who says, “Hang in there…it is just so bad when you’re in the midst of it…but you know, all of your worry/pain/suffering will pay off with a gorgeous boy who will one day appreciate the tough time you went through.” xo

    Posted 12.9.12
  9. Vera wrote:

    thank you everyone – truly! I appreciate all of your kind words and success stories.

    Posted 12.9.12
  10. Julie wrote:

    I have no idea how you do it! I am praying for you and your family and a healthy baby! Thanks for sharing your journey. I am having medical issues of my own that are fearful. You seem really strong and will find your way through this. Keep the faith! Sometimes thats all we have.

    Posted 12.9.12
  11. Patty wrote:

    Every day I say a little prayer for you both. {{{Hugs}}}

    Posted 12.9.12
  12. ellen wrote:

    Everyday is a milestone but so glad you are doing well today!

    Posted 12.10.12
  13. lizzys wrote:

    you both look great – keep smiling 🙂

    Posted 12.10.12
  14. amy wrote:

    Hugs lots and lots of them. There is a light at theend of the tunnel.
    BTW you guys look so cute in the photo.

    Posted 12.10.12
  15. Joanne Gregory wrote:

    Don’t know what to say but even though we don’t know one another, I have had you in my thoughts and wish for the very best outcome for you and your baby.

    Posted 12.10.12
  16. Patty wrote:

    Totally understand, I’m not as far along as you are, but I do the same, every time I go to the bathroom I’m hoping there’s no bleed. I’m sensitive especially I’ve lost one before. So do what you have to do, stay positive!

    Posted 12.10.12
  17. Jen wrote:

    Being pregnant is stressful and worrisome enough, and then you have the addition of a high risk pregnancy. Top that off with two other children, a husband and a job. It can make anyone crazy-don’t beat yourself up at all! I wish you a safe and healthy rest of your pregnancy. Stay strong!

    Posted 12.10.12
  18. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers, I keep thinking of you several times of a day and hoping you and the baby are OK. Hang in there, you are doing great mama!!

    Posted 12.10.12
  19. Valerie C. wrote:

    I’ll add you in my prayers too. I have a strong feeling everything will be fine. I had 2 high risk pregnancies. Everyone was so upset, then everything was good. I have 2 healthy children. Don’t worry, it sounds like you have a great support system too <3

    Posted 12.10.12

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