Pantene Creates Brand New Formula Targeting 4 Specific Hair Types (Women Around The World Rejoice)

New Pantene

As IF Pantene wasn’t good enough before… they just made the brand BETTER. How is such a thing possible? The company created a brand new formula that specifically targets the four different hair types that exist.

It’s simple. If we had to categorize our hair it would either be:

  • Fair
  • Medium / Thick
  • Curly
  • Color Treated

I know. I know. You’re saying that you color treat your hair AND it’s fair/thick or curly. No problem! Pantene wants you to select the shampoo and conditioner for Color Treated and then choose styling products from the latter type.

Did I mention a whole new product line?! In June, you will have an entirely different shopping experience with New Pantene:

  • Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions in three versions: Flat to Volume, Dry to Moisturized, Fragile to Strong
  • Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions in four versions: Frizzy to Smooth, Breakage to Strength, Dry to Moisturized
  • Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series in two versions: Curls to Straight, Dry to Moisturized
  • Pantene Pro-V Color Hair Solutions in six versions: Color Preserve Shine, Volume, Smooth, Blonde Expressions, Highlighting Expressions, Brunette Expressions


How specific did they get!? I LOVE IT. You choose exactly what you need and your hair will thank you for it later. The Pantene science has proven that half the battle will be won if you stick with their products for 2 weeks. LITERALLY! You will see a 50% improvement in the quality of your hair with this new line. I AM SO EXCITED!


I was actually invited to speak with Pantene’s celebrity hairstylist Danilo and get to try out the line first hand. I met up with a few fashion and beauty bloggers in NYC and had my hair washed, treated and styled with the New Pantene line. It was amazing!


I have a ton of video that I will publish at a later date with a few great tips from Danilo and my stylist Brian. Apparently, I’ve been blow drying my hair incorrectly ALL MY LIFE. Brian showed me a few techniques that I will absolutely post by the end of this week.

To get to this new formula, Pantene created 600 prototypes, and tested among 20,000 women worldwide to understand the key ingredients needed to deliver desirable end-benefits for each structure. In addition, more than 500 technical tests were completed in Pantene labs.I’d say they did their homework! Visit for more information.

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  1. Mindy wrote:
    Posted 5.5.10
  2. Carol wrote:

    NOT ALL women around the world are rejoicing over the new Pantene line! In fact, some of us are sooo disappointed Pantene has decided to add the drying sodium sulfates, which other companies are finally removing from their shampoo lines. It’s a cheap surfacant that is drying and which may be linked to serious health disorders and even hair loss.

    The so-called ‘old’ line was just great. This new line has left my hair flat, frizzy and dry. They should have kept a good thing going.

    Posted 8.14.10
    • Audrey wrote:

      I agree Carol; I have been using Pantene for 17 years and always been thrilled and impressed with how awesome it made my long hair feel and look. Now, my hair looks dry and has the texture of straw. This new stuff sucks and I am ticked off.

      Posted 8.18.10
      • Liz wrote:

        I have been using Pantene Smooth and Sleek for many, many, years. Recently, I have been using the new Pantene line and have noticed that I have been losing a large amount of hair. My hair is dull and straw-like – a different texture. I’ve tried to think of any recent changes, or maybe to much sun exposure?, stress?, I realized that I have been using the new Pantene Line “Medium-Thick Hair Solutions, Frizzy to Smooth, tames unruly hair for soft, sleek styles”. I think maybe this could be why I am losing so much hair. It’s not even with brushing. I wake up in the morning and can grab peices that are falling out. :o( I have been using Patene for so long, I don’t know what to switch too…but I can’t loos any more hair. It’s Ridiculous!


        Posted 8.20.10
        • Anne wrote:

          I agree, I am sooo disappointed in the change of the shampoo formula. I used one bottle and it was terribly drying and my scalp itched, which I never had with the old formula. Thank God when I noticed the bottle label changes and formula wasn’t the same, I bought a few extra bottles of the old shampoo…but when those are gone, I do not know what I am going to use. The old formula Pantene was literally the only shampoo that worked well on my hair. PLEASE PANTENE, GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL FORMULA, YOU HAVE NOT DONE US ANY FAVORS and you are going to lose a lot of customers.

          Posted 8.22.10
          • STephanie wrote:

            Ditto – my hair has started falling out terribly, and now it is getting really dry. I used Pantene for years and loved it so much. Back to the drawing board, I guess – but do what I did – email Pantene and tell them how you feel. I wonder if they will reply!

            Posted 8.31.10
  3. Christina wrote:

    Nice to see I’m not alone. I can’t stand the new Pantene! There was nothing wrong with the old stuff so why bother changing it? I’ve been using Pantene for roughly eight years and it always did wonders to my hair…until now. Since I started using the Fine shampoo and conditioner it has been giving me these massive tangles, some of which I’ve had to wretch out myself. Afterwards it also leaves my hair feeling as dry as sand paper and it’s very difficult to manage. I have a few bottles of the old ice shine left but once those are gone I’m going to switch brands. Pantene should switch back to the old formula asap.

    Posted 10.27.10
  4. Teresa wrote:

    I have been a Pantene user for 20+ yrs nothing has made my hair healthier looking. I went out on a quest to buy as much of the old Pantene and purchased as much as I could afford. I have some formulas on ebay, if you like you can take a look:

    I am not sure what I am going to use after we cannot purchase the old formula?? Pantene can you hear the voices “change back!”


    Posted 1.25.11
  5. Alex wrote:

    I am glad to see the many negative comments made about Pantene’s change in formulation as about 2 years ago I noticed it as well and totally dislike it. I stopped usng it after over 15 years of use… in these past 2 years I’ve tried it a few more times and each time it appeared to be worse than the time before. I think I will not try their product ever again.

    Posted 2.13.12
  6. shambhavi wrote:

    Hello Pantene.. Please Provide the same old Formula, which was really good. I am really not happy with the new shampoo. Within last two months i have tried all the shampoos available in the market including L’real, i am not satisfied with any of them like the old Pantene Shampoo. Please do the favour by Providing the same old Formula..It’s a humble request because i do not want to become BALD.

    Posted 2.17.12
  7. mich wrote:

    I am thinking on the same lines as everyone else i had a reaction to the new formula colour protect and smooth the bottle with the oil bead on the front emailed pantene to be told it needs to be confirmed by a medic that the reaction is to pantene. I know my own skin thanks and why did the old formula suit me? Does anyone know where to purchase the one with the red lids? For everyones sake pantene change the formula back!!!!!!

    Posted 3.4.12
  8. Barbara Harding wrote:

    I agree. I’ve used Pantene for many years – for color treated hair and I really do not like the new formula. I don’t like the way my hair feels or looks. I’m really disappointed. You could always count on Pantene making your hair look good, even if you didn’t get a perfect haircut!

    Posted 3.23.12
  9. Michelle Grillo wrote:

    I’ve been a die hard Pantene user because it took care of my dry scalp like nothing else (old formula). But I’ve recently had a problem with sores on my head and didn’t know why! Now I do….they started about the time my old bottle ran out and I tried one of the new shampoos. Well I’m trashing all I have as soon as I get home and buying something else. Such a bummer….I’ve been touting the old one to my whole family for their flaky heads and now I need to tell them to stop too.

    Posted 3.28.12
  10. Gail wrote:

    I hate the new formula. I have been using the color treated pantene for years. I bought the new formula and after two days my face swelled and I had severe itching. My face got so red it was as if I was out in the sun. After that it was so dry and itchy. Horrible shampoo. I can no longer use pantene and looking for a new product.

    Posted 6.3.12
  11. Felicia wrote:

    Okay Pantine, its clear that no one likes the new formula.If you insist on keeping this new brand can you atleast provide the old formula and call it the classic brand, sorta like Classic Coke.Listen to what your customer want,its obvious we are not happy with what you have changed. Bring back the old product before its too late. Change is good and necessary to stay relevant but its never good when it effects your core base customers! Listen to our wants and needs. BRING BACK THE OLD CURLY MOOUSE FORUMLA! PLEASE I WILL PAY EXTRA!!!!

    Posted 6.23.12
  12. Samantha wrote:

    I TOO HATE THE NEW PANTENE!!! I SERIOUSLY want the old formular!! Does anyone know where I can buy some that is legit? I used to have THICK, long shiny beautiful hair that everyone always complimented. That formula was the ONLY thing that worked on my hair ughh i need it back!!! My hair has suffered from hormonal problems/bad dye jobs and I could really use the old pantene right now!!

    Posted 1.15.13
  13. Samantha wrote:

    ALSO the new formula made my hair fall like CRAZY!! I was misled and thought the “classic” line was the old formula but it wasnt and it sucks!!! I have tried the fine line, and the medium line they are all basically the same. They irriate my scalp, leave me dry, and make me shed. Pantene you have lost a costumer who used to use your products DAILY!! BRING BACK THE OLD FORMULA!!!

    Posted 1.15.13
  14. KIRA wrote:

    I hate the new formula

    Posted 7.29.13
  15. Meaghan Segalla wrote:

    I am 26 and people used to compliment me all the time on my long, thick, curly hair. I used the old Pantene shampoo and conditioner and loveddd my curly spray gel. When it was discontinued a few years ago, I tried the new products for the curly line. Those products wrecked my hair and made it so disgusting that I felt like I almost had an identity crisis. Where had the nice hair that I sported in my license picture gone? My hair had been so healthy and curly then. I moved on to try many, many brands. My bathroom was actually filled with every kind of mousse, gel, spray and creme you could imagine- but nothing worked like the old Pantene products. I finally found an amazing hair line last year and a spray gel that is now my sole go-to and it saved my hair. There are no harsh alcohols in it and it actually keeps the curl. I am finally back to getting compliments again =). The only problems is that it costs $20 a bottle. Recently, when I was running low on cash and waiting for my next paycheck, I tried the Pantene line again. Big mistake!!! I am never, ever going to purchase this crap again. It’s terrible! I’ve washed my hair twice now with a different clarifying shampoo that normally allows me to get out of the shower with thick, clean hair. Tonight I stepped out of the shower and am STILL trying to deal with the tangles in my hair. I was venting to my husband again about all this and he reminded me to stop buying Pantene’s products. What the heck is in this stuff now??? In addition, is ANYONE really buying this stuff anymore? Whenever I am passing through a store and see it on the shelves, there are always sale stickers on the products trying to get rid of the stuff and now I don’t see any of the products from any of the specific hair lines for Pantene. All you ever see now is shampoo, conditioner and the generic hair styling products. Hm.. could it be that no one is purchasing your new spray gels and mousse for curly hair? Bring back the old stuff please! You will have loyal customers forever. If you don’t, I feel like it’s a big mistake and that eventually customers will leave.

    Posted 10.10.13
  16. kathryn grant wrote:

    I’ve used pantene define curling moose for years and was so happy with how my hair looked and felt. I used the new formula once and will never use it again it is rubbish. Please, please pantene bring back the old formula, why change something that was soooo good. You’ve lost another customer pantene.

    Posted 12.7.13

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