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P.S. Burgers Has Rocked My World: Long Island Eatery


My husband is a tad bit obsessed with food. He actually goes onto websites to search out newly created permits in our neck of the woods. He knows what stores / restaurants / servies are coming before anyone else. Because of this, we always have a list of hotspots to try out – and when we finally make it there I get to hear a 20 minute history of the company.


I always joke with him that once we get into the car, he instantly becomes a tour guide. “Did you know that the owner of this restaurant used to own Restaurant X but his building was bought out and they kicked him to the curb because they wanted the space for….” yada yada yada. Whenever we get home, I feel like I should tip him.


But I can’t REALLY complain because we are always doing different things. I would have never headed over to Mineola (a neighboring town) to check out P.S. Burgers if Bill wasn’t in my life.

I would have missed out on their amazing children’s menu. Check out that foot long hotdog and fries. Guess how much that was? Under $4! Me and both kids could probably eat that and be content!!! Oh and they deliver! (yeah)


I got Liam a grilled cheese sandwich (the crusts were already cut off – HELLO) because I had no idea that hotdog would be so large. They both had a lot of fun with it.


And they had a variety of really unique burgers as well. Naturally, I opted for the plain cheeseburger, but Bill had one with fried egg, plantains, crunchy potato sticks and mayo. Check out the other burgers below – really unique!

But it doesn’t stop there. The P.S. Burgers menu is filled with unique combinations of American classics. Oh – and you can round out your meal with a gelato and cappuccino. We were too full to take advantage of that last course – but it’s good to know!

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Saturday 5th of May 2012

This burger looks so yummy! And I see the prices are good too.

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elena150980 at yahoo dot com


Sunday 22nd of April 2012

Plantains in a burger sounds so good! Love trying new restaurants. Now for me to find one locally ;)

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