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I Am Officially An eBay Reseller!

You guys, I’m an eBay reseller! I started to sell things on eBay this month and have become completely obsessed. I’m SO OBSESSED, in fact, that I started to document the entire learning experience on YouTube.

I Am Officially An eBay Reseller!

I know that a lot of people always THINK about signing up with eBay to sell items they have lying around their house… but they never actually pull the PLUG. Well, I did a little bit of reading and then just dove in headfirst. Being an eBay reseller is actually easier than you think.

Not only am I selling things from my house, I am also THRIFTING. WHAT? Can I be honest with you? I am totally IN LOVE.

I was meant to eBay. Legitimately. I don’t know what took me so long to start. I can get very obsessed with things and eBay is all I am thinking about lately.

If you want to follow along with my journey, be sure to check out THIS channel. Here’s the link for Side Hustle Resellers. I post tips, thrift hauls, and successes.

My goal is to update a few times a week  – mostly whenever I learn something of value. I am going to seriously TRAIN as I GO. So, if you are a beginner like me, we can rise together!!! Are you an eBay reseller?

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