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Nintendo Amiibo: Fantastic Toy For Your Holiday Shopping

Nintendo Amiibo

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about shopping. Yes, I know, it’s the last thing many of you want to think about. It can be stressful and maddening, but sometimes there are just some gifts that are pretty much a no-brainer, right? Be honest, you and pretty much everyone you know loves Nintendo and all it’s great games and characters. All I have to say is…Super-Mario-Bros and I think you get the drift. I wanted to share on of those no-brainers with you. Nintendo’s Amiibo is here and ready to be your favorite toy gift this season!!

The Amiibo combines your favorite character figurines with video game awesomeness. You can play the games with or without the figures! What’s even better…you can use the figures with the WiiU, the 3DS XL and the 3DS…without having to get any extra hardware or platform pieces! It’s already there! Just take a quick look:

Nintendo Amiibo

See what I mean? So easy and convenient and the Amiibo character line-up is pretty amazing. Think Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Link from Zelda, Mega Man, and a ton more!!! They are just as great now as when you and I were playing these games!

Nintendo Amiibo

I was able to preview all the goodies at Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center New York City. It was just about as fun and awesome as you would expect.


Nintendo World NY Collage 2 Nintendo World NY Collage 1

To top it all off, we came away with some amazing goodies! The kids went ballistic!!!

IMG_9006 IMG_9007 IMG_9009 IMG_8990

Oh, one more thing…Mario is 30 (yes, 3-0) years old this year. Crazy (and scary), right??


To find out more about the Nintendo Amiibo, please check out

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